Why does it make me so happy?  

Lookng4RealMan 65F
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6/16/2006 8:30 pm
Why does it make me so happy?

A former F/B here just updated his profile. I assume in hopes of getting more action. I think this one is worse than the other.You should NEVER update your profile when you are angry at someone. He's just not good at profiles. Although the one on the "alternative" site is not too bad. But I think that's where his true passion is. However he needs to practice patience too. He seems to expect everything his way right away. Doesn't realize that it takes time for someone to anticipate his needs and desires when he doesn't express himself well and is not open to questions because they are too "relationshipy". I know people here that have chatted with him and think he's a real jerk and one of my friends outside of here met him and also exchanged emails, instant messages, used to copy me on everything. So I know he was a totally different person with me than he was with them. I won't go into detail because he wouldn't want me to say anything good about him. He wants me to hate him (I don't, but don't tell him, ok? He'll never find it here) (he doesn't like to read more than a few words at a time.) ("endless emails that go nowhere")

And while I can have the kind of "non-relationship" he wants with other people, I can't seem to do it with him. I wish I understood why (and no, therapy did not help).

I just am so excited to know that he dumped me to
find something else and now isn't getting even what he got from me!

Am I wrong to feel that way? Maybe, but he got angry at me for no reason other than I was able to see through the hard ass,uncaring image he tries to project.

Well, I have another HOT date tomorrow and it's truly comforting to know that if he's not working, he'll be somewhere drowning in his beer with no female companionship. Poor baby! ROFLMAO!

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