My Good Mood!  

Lookng4RealMan 65F
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9/9/2006 8:04 pm
My Good Mood!

I've been posting a lot of jokes from old emails I've kept, some for years. Not quite sure why I've been posting so many jokes. I've been in such an exceptionally good mood lately. Not quite sure why though. I was on vacation but sick most of it. Also had some painful dental work done. But still I'm happy even without getting any

Could be I'm rested from my vacation time? Could be I'm finally moving on past "what's his name"? Or maybe even because I've been having so much fun chatting with a new friend from Colorado. He's much younger, but so very mature in many ways. Sweet, sensual,sensitive, caring and not all full of himself like so many men I've found around here. He writes some great stories, too. I really hope I get to meet him some day. Although I am totally surprised that he doesn't have women following him around!(not stalking, but waiting to "prey" on him). He's been so playful and makes me feel years and years younger than I am. I love to flirt and he's making it so much fun for me! I guess he's probably the real reason for my good mood!

Well that and ZZ Todd saying he was going to feature my picture in a blog! I can't wait for that, but I'm a little nervous about it too.

I have found so much fun here in Blogland and I thank you ALL for being here. Especially you and you and you and you (you know who you are, right?

ZZ_Todd 59M

9/10/2006 12:14 pm

Don't be nervous... it's already there and people love it!

Lookng4RealMan replies on 9/10/2006 1:04 pm:
I guess I was a little nervous because no one has ever included me in a post before. Well that and you never know the kind of things people will post around here! It's all good though. It keeps me away from the Advice lines and all the "Does Size Really Matter" and "Is my Cock really big enough?" questions. I knew I needed a break from there when I told a guy that no matter how big his was, it was 2 inches too short!

Thanks for including me (or rather them.) They thank you very much. If you ever get to Chicago, perhaps they will thank you in person!

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