Starved for a little intimacy? Try "Instamacy"  

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10/25/2005 9:17 pm

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Starved for a little intimacy? Try "Instamacy"

We were driving in my truck halfway across the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I'd met her only three hours ago, but we were already holding hands across the console like lovers; like a married couple. Our fingers began to wind around and stroke each others'. Passionately.

We'd never even kissed. I didn't know her last name.

Our hands were like bandages over the deep aching hurt of loneliness we each felt. But at the moment our touch felt euphoric - an orgasmic release of that nagging, pent-up, primal need for intimacy. And it was of course addictive like any good euphoria-inducing painkiller should be.

Ordered express on the internet.

This wasn't my first date on, the first led to a 2-year relationship and near-marriage. The first in this newest search had been a couple days before - a phone date that culminated in a most gratifying bout of phone sex. Before we'd ever met.

This is a blog about one mostly-straight guy's past and present adventures at the whim of his reptilian brain's need for intimacy, and his idealistic conviction that love is real and is out there somewhere.

Currently, my mission is to meet a sexy transgender/transexual woman for a date or sex or maybe a lifetime of happiness. Should be easy - I just dial 'er in to my search preferences, right?

Tune in

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