Looking4fun151 63M
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1/28/2006 7:45 am

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2/25/2007 11:39 am


How many of you have had this happen. Get a wink or e-mail, talk a couple of times, then nothing. Not a word or anything, leaving you to wonder what happened. Would luv to hear if this has happen to you or maybe why you think someone would play a game like this.

oralcamper 60M
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1/31/2007 2:51 pm

Hi, I'm not sure but I have heard of bots in here. These are the kind of things I'm trying to find out about before I upgrade to what could be disappointment. But if you're sure these aren't bots you're in contact with then I'm at a loss as to why they seem to disappear unless they connected with someone else and were just rude enough to not just say that or they regard disappearing a better choice than chancing hurting your feelings, my self I'd rather be told, very few adults are a stranger to rejection and most can understand it happens and move on, not being told leaves little to understand and is more annoying than just being flat out rejected. Just my opinion.

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