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9/15/2005 10:18 pm

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An abstract poem by the mrs.Lookeyec
One was red and had four little feet, two wings hung down way past it's seat. One well rounded eye aside of it's head the other was lost so it was said. A spot here and there, not a trace of hair except for the fuzz glissing when bare.The nose looks the same as the toes the mouth slightly crooked set kinda low, some teeth, a finger, a marvel somewhere parts are all given, misplaced so unfair. Except for the ears in just the right spot that's if it's possible to know bottom from top. If only like a teapot, handle and a spout if it's turned over, tea will pour out. Not a clue is given as to the balance seen, just set it slightly off center and no ones carnel keen. All seeing the same as you just saw, not knowing the limbs from the paws. Maybe it's standing on it's chin, dimples begin with lips and a grin. Oh wait, no dimples shine through it's one of the eyelets to one of the shoes. If this is right so it seems correct, will it fall over of keep staying errect? When the feeling of pleasure starts to decend ,WAIT IT'S EARS ARE IT'S EYES!! AND THE BUTT HAS A BEND!

rm_Adam19771 39M

6/8/2006 3:04 pm

sounds like a good time. Touching softly and firm all over your body, sounds like maybe an additional. Maybe a threesome? I am renewing my subscription let me know. Are you looking to have two men please you or give and take to you and your companion?

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