getting back on track...  

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8/28/2005 8:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

getting back on track...

The last couple of weeks I've been seeing this anarchist chick, multicoloured dreadlocks, pierced clit, out to save the world from itself and horny as hell. I lost my libido a bit after losing that job (I was paid £36 for a job I could have been paid >£2k for) but I think it's on its way back now. last night we went out and I pissed her off a bit, but I pulled out the charm and screwed her senseless. she said I can quote her that it was a "really good shag". I enjoyed it, I managed to let one of her orgasms last about a minute and afterwards we got to listen to the sounds of spanish lesbian sex from my housemate downstairs. all in all, good fun.

two things seem to depress me, having no money and getting no sex, this week I've had both so things are ok.

I got some new tonguestuds!

thank you ebay.

who likes to be licked? (form an orderly queue )

I also shaved my head, and I'm still six foot six.

someone called me arrogant last night

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