The chat rooms  

rm_LongNHard787 56M
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4/28/2005 9:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The chat rooms

Wow,what a mess all of the chat rooms are. Can't go in to a single one that as soon as a female enters, ten different overly horney,overly aggressive guys jump all over her to cyber. I'm not one of those guys that's going to fight my way through all of those idiots just to say hi and then not get a responce because the person i'm trying to talk to is swamped with come ons. Yeah i'm on here to try and meet someone but not to just do the cyber thing and jack off! What a waste of time! I really want to find someone that I can have a conversation with. I know I have to put myself out there somehow. Is there a betterway? What works? Or do I need to be the first one in line to get any attention? Any thoughts?

HeatherCat 36F
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4/28/2005 10:38 am

I know. When I first go into a room I get tackled by every man or couple in there. It makes it very hard to have a real talk with anyone. I might find someone I like and am getting interested in but I keep getting hit from all sides. I try to find someone I like and get them to contact me some other way (any form of messenger). It's almost impossible to have a decent conversation when a hundred people are talking at once.

ruoff69 39M

4/28/2005 11:22 am

I agree with your comments. The purpose of this website is to meet others but it has been terrible how all the guys jump on to the women. I try to look at others profiles to see if they have similar interests. When they are online then try to start up a conversation with them and let them know you did read the profile and you are not just jumping on them.

southerndixie43 54F

4/28/2005 11:23 am

Hi!!! sound nice so where are you located in the US?

Random1962 55F

4/28/2005 11:43 am

Browse. Search. Wink. Get a conversation going. I don't go into the chat rooms myself. I'm more than something to jack-off to. I don't mind a good fantasy, but I'd kinda like to particiate.

looking4u447 48F

5/31/2005 11:28 pm

you have my attention when ever we are both in the chat rooms sexy. bye

tildie 53F
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6/20/2005 7:30 pm

Hey, hun, I'm glad you got me to talk to you. I know you had tried at least once before, but I was so lost looking for what I thought I wanted that I wasn't able to see what was really great. Now I know better! If only...*sigh*. oh, well, you know the rest! What a strange cyber-world we live in. xoxoxo

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