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7/8/2006 8:49 am

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4/10/2007 9:11 am


This a great country (USA)! We have freedom and endless opportunities. In times of sorrow and sadness, I just like to reflect and be thankful for family, friends, health, employment and life in general. Like so many of us on AdultFriendFinder we are looking for someone to enjoy at least a moment in time during this lifetime. Some are looking for endless companionship, while others are looking for short term friendships. I hope all who are seeking friendship are successful and don't ever give up your persuit. I like many of you, am optomistic and continue to be a glass half full type of person.

NiceLady1957 60F

7/30/2006 7:59 am

Thanx much for the vote of confidence LongLasting! I too had a nice tme conversing and yes friendship is good. Sometimes, I think people might not find the sexual arousal on the first meet due to needing to get to know the person better on more meetings or the pressure one puts on self thinking it will and needs to happen upon meeting.

Hopefully you and I can meet again. If we have nothing more than is our decision right? And, we had a nice time no matter what we do during that time together.

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