Whats wrong with me today,blechhhh  

Lonelywoman56 60F
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12/18/2005 7:59 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Whats wrong with me today,blechhhh

Last night I chaperoned a church dance, It was fun.I wondered if anyone knew that I was the one who needed chaperoning????

This morning though I got the blahs, lots of them Blah, blah and extra blah. This is the blog that is not meant to be read just ignored, of course it probably will be the only one that gets read, Ain't that life Baby Doll.

I woke up feeling on the dark side a little, it might be the leftover sugar high from the pan of Carmel nut brownies I attacked after they turned the lights on at the dance last night. It was so easy to resist them with the candle light, the loud music, the fun in the air, laughter, silly kids having fun.
Then the dance was over, the candles blew out, the music.... stopped, the lights turned on. What I thought was a simple brownie tray, hardly visible in the previous darkness turned out to be something much more dangerous and decadent. It was a Turtle brownie, lots of them, randomly strewn across the plate,exposed in the light for what they truly were, unable to hide from my need any longer, hard crunchy nuts peeking out from under darkness ,just exposing them selves enough to tease the eyes and mouth, asking your senses to wonder at what was beneath, would this hard tan nut satisfy my craving, would the pleasure of it be worth the pain of the morning after? Could I handle this much nut.. Thick golden sticky Carmel oozed out of every crevice, waiting and wanting my tongue to taste and lick it, screaming to me lift me with your needy hands, bring me to your lips, part your body and let me enter your wet mouth, do it now, Taste me, enjoy me, devour me, fill yourself with me,I promise you satisfaction, we wont stop until your totally, completely satiated, inside and out,I could not control myself I lifted the sinful thing to my wet waiting mouth, I took it completely, letting it dissolve and enjoying the texture in my mouth, then crushing it with my tongue. It was wonderful, could I do it again, could I bear the Ecstasy? I felt my body become obsessed with desire, I knew nothing could stop me now, I was going higher and higher on my way to the top of the roller coaster, I could hardly catch my breath anymore. Yes I need more, more MORE. fill me with your taste,your textures, your stickiness, satisfy me with your sweet torment, fill me with thyself.I moaned with Ecstasy as I devoured the last crumb.

The ministers wife looked at me oddly.

Needless to say they got gone good.
DAMN, where are those hot lovers when you REALLY need them.
This is a TRUE story. I need a life and I need it now.
Chow fo Now!!!

BoredinMoosicPA 57M
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12/19/2005 6:19 am

Wow food can be so erotic when you give it life. Nothing wrong with fantasizing maybe you just need to pick your spot to avoid the minister's wife. or she could also be having erotic thoughts too, you never know.

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