Forward March  

Lonelywoman56 60F
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12/26/2005 6:36 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Forward March

Am I ever happy thats over, even though I had a OK Christmas all that heavy thinking all week has got me all tied up, hmmm ideas popping around!! Isn't it great to be back to the business of life, lust and the pursueing of forbiden carnal pleasures >>! mainly lust.
Well we only have one more week to be naughty and have some fun then we have to be good on New Years Day so we don't break our resalutions for at least , lets say 12 hours, tehn back to naughty again
I get so swept up in thinking last week I almost decided not to spend my 49th year discovering my WILD side I'm gonna spend this year feeling..... and touching,tasting etc, Will the real Lonely Woman please stand up happyf; please stand up happyf;, please stand up happyf; I think its time to start partying I haven't gone out for New Years for over ten year?

Any takers????Wheres the party and it better be wild

Happy New Year

rm_Gentle12553 66M
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12/26/2005 7:45 am

I can barely see the other side of the river, the rain and low clouds are taking away my view, my friend and salvation, my thinking spot, my dreams,or it is? Is the day the problem or just the lack of a lover who understand the deep passions and pleasures that I crave. The Holiday passes with children and laughter and then home to cold bed..alone...with steamy thoughts inside...the erection commences as I dream of a lover slipping in beside me. She is soft and round and smells so sweet...."James, are you busy?" she coos softly in my ear while her hand touches my chest. "Or do you have a few free moments, my cunt needs some attention." I know she is as wanton as I when she uses that word. She is in need as deeply as I feel and wants to share the pleasures and passion. Her huge breasts are warm and soft and the nipples fit perfectly into my waiting lips. Sucking, caressing, caring, kissing and even a tear on the side of her eye. "Oh yes James, I need you inside of me, please...." We are even closer now, as close as our bodies allow, caressing, kissing and is gone, she is was again a dream....and I am alone....

Yes, I am lonely and feel the pain of passion, I have to continue my pleasure until I too cry out in the dark night and the hot love I have inside comes streaming out...alone....alone....

Is there not someone to share this passion?

Yes, lonely lady there might be, only a few miles apart it seams. You and I share a need....soooooooooo deep a need it hurts...

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