The Rubenesque Chronicles.. A Question of "O"  

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8/31/2005 3:13 pm

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The Rubenesque Chronicles.. A Question of "O"

I met a wonderful man whose touch was full of excitement. When we met there were instant sparks between us. I was surprised how easily comfortable I felt with him. When we decided to become more intimate it seemed like a natural progression for us. Laying in the bed with him was amazing. Sam (not his real name) was a powerful and intense lover. His strong firm thrusts shook me to the core, but his touch was amazingly tender. As we made love he gingerly trailed kisses down my body until his mouth reached my wet tender clitoris. Oh I can still imagine the wonders of his tongue and its long smooth strokes between my legs exploring my body. Every moment with him was so sexy. As he tasted me I was tasting him and we thoroughly enjoyed each other without ceasing for hours.

But at one point a question was put to me that confused me a little. Sam raised up to face me and asked.." Did you have an Orgasm "? I was confused but managed to answer "Yes.. twice". Then he asked me to recall when did I cum. This was hard to fathom. I had 2 wonderful orgasms and he couldn't tell. I felt a little twinge of hurt at the time. But after thinking about it I began to understand a little more about myself. I am not screamer and nor am I into sexual theatrics.

Being a single mom and not really an avid dater you can imagine there are few opportunities for me to find relief. So pleasing myself with a house full of people (various relatives and their kids plus my own) is a tricky endeavor. Having to explain what mommy is doing making those kinds of sounds.. alone.. is embarrassing and very hard to put into words. So I have internalized my orgasms to the point that only I know when I am having one. Though when I am absolutely alone and pleasing myself I am free to vocalize as loud as I wish.

So after telling Sam when exactly I did have an orgasm we continued to make love and when I came close to having another I spoke up and told him I was near. He was so very observant. Watching how my body moved.. how my muscles tensed up.. listening to the rhythm of my breathing. The orgasm came and went like before and he remarked how subtle it was, but internally it rocked me like an earthquake. I think with time, patience and frequency it won't be so subtle anymore.

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