The Rubenesque Chronicles ... First Anal Experience  

Lonely_Afrodite 55F
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9/24/2005 11:51 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Rubenesque Chronicles ... First Anal Experience

After being so curious for so long it has at last happened. I am no longer an anal virgin and I am not so sure about things now. As you know I have been seeing Sam (not his real name)and loving every moment with him. Sam was the kind of man I could be very comfortable with. He was the strong silent type with a commanding presence of confidence without being over-bearing like a bully. Fabulous lean yet muscular body, hairy from the top of his chest to the bottom of his calves, that felt wonderful against my skin as we make love. His strength took my breath away.. literally. And it blew my mind that all his power and strength was centered on pleasing me.

We rested in bed, drenched of our sweat after making love for hours. Gazing into each other's eyes ..smiling.. relaxed. We talked about my curiousity about anal sex and what objections I might be having. I frankly thought it would be painful and gross. Gross because of what excretes from that area and Painful for pretty much the same reason. I had visions of impacted bile and lots of enemas. Laughing about it now.. but it was a real fear of mine. Sam was smiling and calm and spoke softly to me. He said I will do nothing that will cause you pain. Something in his voice told me that he meant that and I could trust him.

The AC in the room eventually cooled our hot sweaty bodies. I laid faced down on the bed while Sam begin to caress me. He slowly rose up and settled himself over my hips and massaged my back and shoulders. His hands were strong and massaged my muscles deeply. He positioned himself between my legs and spread them more while urging me to raise my hips. In my mind questions swirled about my brain. "Is he gonna do it?.. Is it gonna hurt? ... I'm afraid". I think I began to tense up and Sam being sensitive to me did not rush in. Instead he ease my body over and laid be on my back.. and licked me from the valley of my clit to the rim of my ass. With his face buried between my legs bringing excitement to my body.. he eased his finger up my ass and I gave him no resistence. Sam attended to my body like a master every stroke of his tongue brought me closer to ecstasy. His finger in my ass did not feel so foreign but welcomed.

While Sam was giving me oral ecstasy I was kissing his wonderfully hairy thigh.. groping his ass and urging him to ease his body closer so I could revel in the taste of his manhood. We enjoyed each other this way for long euphoric moments until his eased himself from my lips and turned my body again. This time I eagerly raised up on my hands and knees. Sam held his cock in his hand and gently pressed against me. He did not enter but pressed himself just on the egde of the rim. I looked back at him and smiled telling him.. ..yes. Little by little he thrusted himself further in and withdrew. His movements were smooth and unhurried, and the thrills he gave me was unimaginable. Sam leaned over and spoke to me saying..."play with yourself baby". I reached under my body and between my legs and masturbated while Sam was still inside my ass. The thrills came faster now and I was feeling joys I never knew. While pleasuring myself I pushed back against Sam causing him to plunge deeper within me. His grip on my hips tightened as he began to feel himself about to explode. We both came and it was the most powerful experience I have ever known. I eased down to lay prone on the bed and Sam stayed within me and covered my body like a comforting blanket. This was wonderful.. This is what I was afraid off?. Sam kissed my back.. my neck and as I turned my head.. he kissed my lips*

As wonderful as that was it has been three weeks since I have seen Sam. I guess it is over between us and that makes me sad. But I will never forget how wonderful he made me feel. How gentle he was and sensitive to my needs.

Thank you Sam

rm_spxsk2 43M

9/26/2005 11:05 am

It is fantastic that you found someone who will take his time with you. There is nothing more painful that someone who rushes no matter what the task. Taking your time, and letting you accept as much or as little as you want was a glorious gift he gave you. I hope you find someone else who will allow you to explore this very sensual pleasure, at your pace. I am smiling very big for you right now.

klauskissnhug 57M

11/17/2005 2:17 pm

Thank you for sharing that experience. You have a gift- the way you told that story made for compelling reading. Your writing is so descriptive I felt like I was in the room with you. In fact, I would LIKE to be right there in the room with you next time. Congratulations on having it all come together- the readiness, the bravery, the Sam...

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11/18/2005 7:50 pm

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