Rubenesque Chronicles.. The Quality and the Quantity  

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7/19/2005 6:00 am

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Rubenesque Chronicles.. The Quality and the Quantity

As I see it Women of Size and Women of Stunning External Appearance have many of the same problems in dating.. Being judged on our looks. There are but a few ways to navigate through the maze of the dating arena for us. One become so obnoxious that it would take a true act of the Devine for a man to find your heart or .. two Kiss all the frogs in the pond until you come across one who is not necessarily a prince but who is at least less slimy than the others. Don't get me wrong I believe there are truly men of quality out there who enjoy the softness and curves of a body that women like myself can offer. But there are many more men out there who think Women of Size are an easy mark.. desparate for any touch to validate their existence. That is simply not true.

So as I walk knee deep in pond water surrounded by bullfrogs, horny toads and various types of reptiles I remind myself it is not the quanity of dates that make me a success but the quality of the men that bring success to my dating life. By believing in my own self-worth I have turned down more offers than I care to speak of. Yet there are a few here who can attest to the quality of my touch. But because a few have had me does not mean I can be easily had. There are qualities in a man I look for I will not compromise on.. the most important is respect. Respect for me.. respect for himself. The way he talks to me.. walks with me.. laughs smiles and touches me.

You know how a man feels about women if you take the time to look. And how you feel about his attitude about women is directly connected to how you want men to treat you. Personally I am a leader. In my life I have had to take control of my surroundings because no one else would. I am looked upon for answers to questions and situations I have no personal knowledge of but my natural instincts and intuitions guide me in the right directions more times than not. I stand up for myself and take responsibility for my successes as well as my failures. Yet in my intimate life I do not wish to lead. I never want to control a man. To me a man isn't a man unless he leads, but by the same token I need to be sure that the man I follow has some idea where he is going before I go with him.

Darkpassion 57F

7/19/2005 9:00 am

I'm on the other side of the pond. My experience matches yours almost exactly, but I never gave up hope of finding the right man for me.Yes you have to kiss a few frogs and wanna bs before you find the right one. I put it all down to experience ...a learning curve. now I have a man that treats me right and he gets what he wants and more. it's not that we don't want to give it up, we would and have done gladly when treated with respect and kindness.
From a fellow rubenesque woman of colour I wish you the best...go girl!!

lovescout 55M

7/19/2005 3:17 pm

Lonely I agree you are a lovley lady and hope you prince charimng, your true love. and your soulmate come soon for you.

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