Rubenesque Chronicles.. The Art of Listening  

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7/20/2005 6:09 am

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Rubenesque Chronicles.. The Art of Listening

By now you all realize I am quite wordy. Where some hear what I have to say... others hear .. blah blah blah and probably thinking "when she gonna get to the good part"? The Art of Listening is more than what you hear with your ears and more about listening with your other senses. A woman's body speaks to you in many ways. How you touch her and how she reacts to your touch says alot about how you listen. I am reminded of the Peanuts characters on TV. When the teacher speaks the TV viewers only hear "blah blah blah" but the characters hear her and react to her. This is same for some men and women trying to build relationships. Imagine lovers in bed passionately involved.. She is saying " ooo yes touch me there.. I Like that" and he's hearing "blah blah blah" and thinking (and I am being optimistic that at this point considering that he can still think) "oh yeah this is some good pussy I'm fuckin". Suddenly he touches her wrong and her mood changes. She get's up and he is confused. He knows he was putting his cock in the right spot what went wrong?

Communication is key in all intimate encounters be it casual sex or longterm relationship. If you touch a woman and she reacts possitively keep toucing her there.. and often. If you find a spot she is not comfortable with avoid it at all cost. Women like to know they are being heard when they speak. Nothing is more romantic to a woman like myself than knowing the man she is with hears what her body is saying. For example.. I am a very breast sensitive person it is a zone on me that brings the most reaction. Yet i was once with a man who knew this but in the throws of passion rarely touched me there even when I physically moved his hands on them. This gave me a lot of time to think about.. shopping lists.. What's on TV.. Does he have any snacks.. I think I'm thirsty.. Everything except where we were and what we were doing.

A man I was seeing tells me.. he loves sports.. I tell him I am not into sports. On several occasions I visit him and we are watching baseball. Now I know there is some compromises in all relatonships so I try to be attentive while bored out of my skull. He attempts to arouse me in the bottom of the 5th yet I nearly comatose by then. I get up and urge him to the bedroom. Before entering his room he turns up the volume on the TV to hear the game. Who is listening?

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