Rubenesque Chronicle.. The Story of Hal  

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7/18/2005 12:54 am

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Rubenesque Chronicle.. The Story of Hal

It was the year my father died. I was very close to him in life so his passing was not filled with unsaid and unfinished things. Still I missed him terribly. That year I decided to learn something new. I saw an ad in the paper that intrigued me so much I had to answer its call. Learn Radio Broadcasting at Elkins Institute. Being a rather frustrated singer and having a good command of diction and articulation I found it a good match for me. I signed up and Hal was my instructor. Hal was 10 years my senior and a lively, funny and intense man. His hair was mostly dark brown with some grey but his eyes were sparkling blue. He wore clothes of little real style but he was comfortable at best. I found him amusing at first. His humor was dry and many times only he got his jokes. It is always my practice to look people in the eyes while they speak. Hal eyes often spoke to me of things his lips would not say.

A quick study I learned and retained Hal's instructions with ease and we often talked together after classes where done. He loved music of all kinds and dreamed of running his own station in some obscure market. Night after night I looked deeply into his eyes. They were telling me things I could not believe. I am a woman of size and he was attractive, wonderful and interesting. I was thinking this was hardly a good match and I would be making a grand fool of myself if I tried to make anything of this. But one night as I gazed into his eyes took the chance that maybe he felt something for me too. As we walked to our cars after classes were finished I said to him I wanted to get to know him better. To my surprise he pressed upon my lips a deep longing kiss.

Still my instructor we kept much of our relationship a secret. Locking office doors for a sweet brief kiss here and there, until we took our relationship to the next level. One friday night after classes he asked me to follow him to his place. It was lightly raining.. and lightning danced acrossed the sky as I followed him to his home. He lived in a gated community near DFW. Typical man's lair, full of casually shrewned newpapers and radio market magazines. He drank Miller Genuine Draft and offered me one. I don't drink beer but I accepted and sipped on it most the night. We made such passionate love that night. I will never forget it. All the things I thought were outside my reach he gave me that night and many nights after that.

Long after I graduated the course we remained lovers. We often talked about our future together in some obscure radio market in Texas. Living in a townhome.. playing lots of music and making love. Until the day he left me I thought I had at long last found love.

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