Weird Encounter  

LonelyPinay77 39F
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9/5/2005 9:08 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Weird Encounter

I was talking to this guy from AdultFriendFinder and we decided to meet. I got dressed and made my way there. He lived kinda far away but it wasnt too bad. After about 10 mins of getting lost I finally found it. I came to his door and he opened. When he opened the door all he was wearing was sweat pants. Atleast wear a shirt for the person. This is what pisses me off that the girl gets dressed up or atleast looks cute. And the guy barely wears anything. I mean I know that this could lead to sex and its less clothing for him to take off but still.....

I walked into his apt, which is a typical bachelor's house, barely any furniture and lives with cats. I have nothing agaisnt the cats. So i sat down on his couch, which he could have cleaned off. But anyways, so we started to talk about being on AdultFriendFinder, his life, my life, and just whatever in general. The more we talked the more akward things got. The reason for this is b/c I was just there to fuck him. I mean I do like to get comfortable 1st before anything happens. So i went into his room. I tell myself that I better make the 1st move jsut to get this ovee with. I know I sound like a bitch but he wasnt make the 1st move. We both knew what we wanted so I made the 1st step.

Of course things progess to what we both wanted. But after it happened is what made me feel weird about this guy. 1st of all I went to the bathroom so that I could clean myself. Im standing there but as naked with a towel over my body and hes standing there as well. Right now all I wanted was to clean myself off. But no hes standing there telling me a story. Well I just realized something that he reminded me of someone. Just the more he spoke, the more i knew he reminded me of.

I have this friend and I love himm to death but I jsut dont think of him in a sexual way. It fianlly hit me that the this guy reminded me of that friend. And at that moment I was sick to my stomach and pissed off b/c he wont freaking leave me alone. I have to admit I am very insecure about my body. YOu know when u dont look like miss universe u get a little insecure. And besides I didnt want him to watch me wipe myself off.

Finally he leaves, just enough time for me to wash myself and get dressed. I got dressed and left his hosue not before he gave me a kiss. I wasnt really happy about that b/c he has a beard and it was sharp and spiky. I dont prefer men with facial hair. I make exceptions every now and then.

When I walked out all I wanted to do was light up a cigarette and leave.

DirtyAaron01 36M
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9/20/2005 6:31 pm

Doesnt sound too satisfying. Sorry to hear that, I wish it could have been more enjoyable, besides...thats what its all about right?

HalfDragon 40M
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9/23/2005 10:43 am

I am sorry too hear that but can understand the relating to your friend have been a few women i have felt similar too just thinking no it would be wrong to be with them that way

oh... and don't be so hard on yourself
take care cutey

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