Another weekend wasted?  

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7/30/2006 7:12 pm

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Another weekend wasted?

30 July 2006. Third Entry: "Frustration, Inc."

Well, it would seem that the consensus is that I have a bit of a confidence problem. Okay, here's what I propose: What do I do about it?

I mean, I've got some ideas- I actually thought about hitting up the bar scene a bit more and try my luck a bit there, but I don't know. Should I go with people or by myself? Should I have people setting me up, or should I try to get the girl by myself?

I'm at a bit of a loss here. I've got the momentum to get going, but I'm spining my wheels here.

Anywho, on to pressing business:

To mizzkitka: Yea, I kinda figured somebody would snatch up a gal like you pretty quickly. Figured as much. Hey, you found somebody though- so congrats.

Oh- notice something? No griping today. Today still sucked (work and all, it is a service industry) but today was overall a good day.

Well, back to the grind folks- drop me a line if you've got that single, kinky, lonely friend of yours...I might be able to help

LonelyPhoenix2 32M
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7/31/2006 6:41 pm

Huh? What...confident? What's that? Sorry...I've been to busy planning my DATE ON THURSDAY NIGHT...okay, it's not a date. But this cute girl at work and I were talking and I wasn't really even trying to get together with her, and BAM. Thursday night. Hitting up an arcade (Her idea). I'm thinking this whole "confidence" thing might be related to me trying too hard? I'm gonna "not try" more often, see if it works.

But the funny thing is I find that I try to figure out a girl before I talk to her- you know, find out what she likes and doesn't like, etc. I found out more in five minutes of just "talking" (and I use quotes because I talk all day, but never like this...) than I could have ever before. So I need some more "worldy" advice here- Do men that try too hard become a turn off?

Nah- I hear ya on the post though. Thats a bit of inexperience showing. I was just saying is there anywhere I haven't thought of that you guys would suggest?

Oh yea...did I mention my plans for Thursday? STREAK OF ONE!

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