What is it with this site?  

LondonDerriere 36F
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7/17/2005 11:09 am

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5/15/2006 2:10 pm

What is it with this site?

Two of my photos have been deleted and no reason given. I've tried twice to reload them but they don't get accepted (no reason given they just vanish). And the stupid thing is, the same photos are on my network album and they don't get themselves removed from there.

I've included one of the two offending items in this post:

a) so that people who aren't in my network can still see it assuming it doesn't get accepted again.

b)to see if this post gets accepted with one of said pictures attached to it, just to prove how ridiculous the whole thing is.

Sometimes, this site really gets on my nerves.

Rant over. Normal service will be resumed just as soon as someone can give me a definition of normal I can work with .

Update May 2006, just looked over some old blog entries and found this one has been suspended again for being inappropriate, despite it having had 6 replies. Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it...

donnie157 59M

7/17/2005 8:56 pm

You're dreaming, girlfriend, if you think you will find it on AdultFriendFinder! I could write an encyoplopedia of foul-ups, bleeps, & bloopers encountered here.

But I see your pix are back now, hope they stay.

GentlemanLeisure 54M
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7/18/2005 2:40 am

Dear Derriere,

I empathise. Why, only recently did one of AdultFriendFinder's associated sites delete my entire Network of friends. Incredible. These people (bless 'em) have their own internal logic to how this world should operate.
Rise above it. Or come visit London! - it is part of your handle, after all
Until then, I look forward to another of your educational 'How To's' on the fine art of backdoor entry..... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..................

LondonDerriere 36F
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7/18/2005 9:38 am

Ironically, the first time I tried to post this thread, it was declined as unacceptable, so I took out the word 'and' between points (a) and (b) and, lo and behold, it was accepted at the second attempt.

Never realised that the humble 'and', found in so many sentences could cause such offence

LondonDerriere 36F
157 posts
7/18/2005 9:48 am

The Network pages also seem to be having problems. I've accepted the same group of 4 people on 10 different occasions now and it still says I have the same 4 invites. Not to mention the numerous attempts to accept or decline testimonials whose status won't change no matter how often I try to click the links.

Sometimes, if it wasn't for the additional sex (and there has been some), I think I'd pack this whole site in .

ahandfulforu 59M

7/18/2005 1:14 pm

Same rant with photos, network pages and hotlist. Often won't amend/delete/add.

It seems the word 'and' must be offensive in some parts of the world.

(T )

7/18/2005 2:10 pm

Don't worry. For some reason this site took it upon itself to delete all the responses I had in my blog.

As for the additional sex, well you've got one more reason to stay than I have then (Awww, diddums I hear you say). The latest tale of woe is in my blog. Don't laugh too hard when you read it.

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