yet another starter with no ending  

LizaRedFire 40F
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10/29/2005 4:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

yet another starter with no ending

I like keeping people on the edge so here is another story starter and this one for me is totally something I would like to do but finding people to fill them for me is tough..

We have been chatting for weeks and we finally make time in our schedules to connect. We set the date and time and tell one another what we will be driving.. I get there early, cause I hate to be late. Noon rolls around and I do not see your car anywhere.. I start to wonder if maybe you stood me up.. I let 15 minutes pass and still I don’t see you anywhere.. The place we choose to meet is out in the middle of nowhere and there are only a couple of cars around.. I start to think to myself, did I come to the wrong place? I walk in to this hole in the wall bar out in the middle of nowhere.. There are 2 people in side. The bar tender and the cook.. The bar tender looks at me and says that girls like me should not be in a place like this all alone. I then ask him if there was another place with the same name anywhere near by. He says nope this is the only one that he knows for for at least 50 miles in any one direction.. So I thank him for his time and head back out to my car. I look around to see if maybe you arrived while I was in the bar.. I see another car in the lot but it is not the car you described.. I continued to my car and got in. I got in and went to start it and suddenly I am grabbed by an unknown person. This person puts his hand over my mouth and told me that screaming will only get me hurt.. I tried to look at this person in the mirror but my mirror was moved so I could not see anything. From the description you had given me I knew that there was no way this was you.. He demanded my keys and told that I was to follow his directions to the letter. I was not to talk or look back. He told me to get out of the car and walk towards the building. He walked close behind me holding something hard against my back. I thought that it might be a gun and he was stealing my car, cause he had my keys.. Next thing I know he is covering my eyes with a cloth. Then he leads me so another car. He helps me in and tells me that he is on a mission. I never said a word but I was scared and had tears running down my face.. He starts driving and it seems like forever but it was only about 15 minutes. He talks the whole time telling me that all I have to do is mind and all will be fine. We finally stop and he turns off the engine. I hear him get out but I never heard my door open. Suddenly I hear the door open but no sound. I though about talking but then remembered what he had said.. I just sat there with my hands in my lap and that cloth over my eyes. Then I feel these hands all over me. And then lips pressed to mine.. Then I hear a voice say Kiss me Baby. Not knowing who it is I hesitate but his lips taste so good I just let myself go.. Then I hear another door open. The guy that abducted me told me that he was never going to hurt me and felt really bad scaring me but it was all apart of the plan. He tells me that him and his friend planned this whole thing to see if I was the type that would freak out or if I would do what I was told. I guess I passed.. He took off the cloth and I saw your face and knew all was going to be fine even though he stated that he would not hurt me.. You took my hand like a gentleman and assisted me out of the car. We walked up to the room you had reserved.. You see that I am still a little shaken and try to help me relax. We walk side by side to the room with out saying a word to one another. You open the door and motion for me to go on in. I walk in the room slowly not to sure what to expect when I walk in.. There is no one in the room but us, as I look around I see candles and all sorts of different toys, body oils, and a paddle. I recalled you saying you would have everything in order for our meeting.. I just did not think you would be that ready.. You looked at me and tell me to go on in to the bathroom there is something I would like for you to wear.. I walk in there to find a black outfit. Black Lace Bra, short, short mini skirt and thigh high stockings. I walk out wearing the outfit you choose for me. You motioned for me to come closer to you.. Still not sure what to say or how to react.. I don’t say much.. You pull me closer to you and run you had up the back of the skirt. You look up at me and smile and tell me that I was a very naughty girl. I ask you why is that. You simply replied that “there are no panties”. I smile back! Your hands start to stroke my legs. You just love the feel of the stockings against your body.. You stand from the bed and kiss me gently.. Then you move around behind me and bend me over the bed.. I bend over and you reach under and run your fingers through my hot wet pussy.. Then all of the sudden I feel that paddle against my ass. I let out a scream cause it hurt.. You then touch my ass ever so softly and then again I get another swat with the paddle. You repeat this several times until my ass is nice and red..

iawriter64 52M
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10/30/2005 12:14 pm

Interesting... a story with an element of danger. Some good visual description too.
She also likes to be controlled and likes a bit of pain. You have me on the edge :;

Like you I seem to start a lot of stories and never seem to finish them. I will have to post a couple on my blog to get ideas on where they should go. But I think you'd like to see how your story plays out for real!

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