Nothing Like a Good Book on a Dreary Day - Story #3  

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6/2/2005 12:08 pm

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Nothing Like a Good Book on a Dreary Day - Story #3

The library it is..... but there wont be any books there that would interest me to read, so I stop at an adult video store and grab me a three pack of small books...hmmm so many to choose from... i chose the taboo of family lust.... mmmm. Oh, but there is the bus stop slut...mmmm love the idea of public sex..... i will read both. i head to the library. i had planned to scope out the library on a previous day, but time would not allow. If all else failed there was always the bathroom. i parked the car in the lot and took several deep breaths... i could feel the wetness between my leg already.. i removed the film off the books and placed them in my red and black canvas bag, which already held a small bottle of KY, a small throw blanket and my vibrating egg.

As i entered the library i quickly surveyed the area and decided that i would take the elevator to the top floor, and walk around each floor until the perfect spot picked itself for me. The third floor was nearly empty, but full of tables and chairs. Nothing cozy that i could curl up on or near and look like i belonged there. i walked to the stairs to head down to the second floor and i noticed the stairs went up. i slowly peered up and around the banister, wondering what was up there... hmmm the sign on the door on what would be the 4th floor said no so does that mean that people exit from that door into the stairs.... yes, duh! my thighs were now wet just thinking about it.... i decided not to use the stairs. i wanted to sit cozily, with my blanket over me and comfortably massage my now rock hard clit... rubbing my wetness all over myself..

i headed down to the second floor. i went through the international section, then into the reference section. A few people here and there scattered about......hmmm didnt look very good, nothing cozy or comfy that pulling out a blanket would'nt seem ordinary. i wore a little tank dress and nothing else, thus could claim i was cold, besides the obvious of easy access to my essence that began to ache with desire.

i came around the end of a book case to three large plate glass windows from floor to ceiling that overlooked a street and some flowers. There were three over stuffed red fake leather chairs here and there. i saw two people within about 20 feet of the windows, minding their library business. i pretended to look at the books at this end case and grabbed one... i went to the chair and turned it around to face the window, thus my back to the entire library world....i sat, silent deep breathes. i could feel my anticipation intensify. i pulled out my blanket and wrapped my lower body and legs up. i curled up in the chair with my knees together. i opened the library book, and slipped in my book, Family Taboo. i quickly felt myself and i was soaking wet. i decided that anyone coming up from behind would think it strange that i had a book within a book, so i ditched the library book. Only the birds and bugs could see what i was reading... the ky would not be necessary. i pulled out the egg, concealing it in my right hand, as i lay back, with the book in my left..... pretending to read... as i slipped the egg deep within my neithers....i turned the vibration, the sound ever so slight.... could be mistaken as a light ballast going out???maybe... no one would think it was a vibrating egg deep within my wet hot pussy.....

i began to read the story of a daughter and her father in the shower with a shower massager..... the feel of the egg inside was ecstasy..... my mind drifted to feeling YOU between my legs licking my hard clit...slowly i brought my right hand to my clit and slowly began to massage.... mmmmmm it felt heavenly.... my clit rock hard, and wetness everywhere, including on the chair....

i continued to read the story, imagining what was happening in that shower being done to me by You......cuming was not going to be difficult at all.... no one around me was none the wiser of what i was really doing....

A man came from around the end book case and was looking at the books there. my heart skipped a few hundred beats, but i did not move, except for the finger manipulations on my hard clit. Breathe i told myself.... just continue to read and act "normal"... hm now there is a thought... act normal doing what i was doing... course i was reading.....

i could feel the fire build towards my goal, yet the man remained behind me. Thoughts ran wild, wondering if he would hear me cum, or would he know if he looked at me.... i slowed the pace and thumbed through the pages of the rest of the book. i grabbed another book from my bag to read about the bus stop slut. A women on a long bus ride from college to a friends house having sex with two guys.....mmmmmm yesssssssss.

Finally, the man left the area and i intensified my pace. my dress hem, the chair and part of my blanket was not wet with my fluids... i could smell me in the air.... mmmmm yes... the story continued until she was fucking and sucking at least 6 guys on the bus... she too them in her wet pussy, in her ass and in her mouth.. she was having a fucking sucking gang bang right there on the bus....

i felt my own fire building intensity and knew my orgasm was eminent.. i lay the book down, and close my eye as if pretending to sleep..... my clit bigger than i remember it to be... and my juices everywhere. i imagined it me on that bus getting fucked hard by one cock after another, in every hole and by every one....ohhhhhhh yesssss i began to cum and cum hardddddddd my mind being fucked both in my ass and pussy at the same time... yesssssssss.... fuck me.... the orgasm seemed to go on............... i kept my eyes closed and just laid there feeling the moment and feeling the last ounce of pleasure course through me..... i think i drifted off to sleep. The next thing i remember was someone behind me pulling a book from the shelf.... for i awoke. a big stretch and put my books in my bag.... i then felt the vibration of the egg with in me.... oops forgot!! i pulled it out and wetness came out as well.. what a mess.... i put everything in my bag, adjusted my dress and left the library.... i could see wetness in the chair i had just left.. and giggled to myself.. and there it will stay!!! These libraries do need better reading material.. Don't You think????

i welcome any comments or feedback since i am new to this story writing stuff!!

rm_Zdrake67 49M
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6/16/2005 12:46 pm

Great story, keep writing. HOT,HOT,HOT

goodguyhere19 51M  
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7/8/2005 6:31 am

what a great story i would have love being the egg and feeling how wet you were but the way you told the story was great

rm_raritan2 60M
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7/15/2005 10:16 am

great story! read my blog and tell me what you think.
its my first time!


rm_ready2licku3 59M
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8/28/2005 8:35 am

I just read all your stories. they are awesome and very descriptive. My cock got hard as a rock as I read them. I couldnt help but masterbate and I came so hard. I am so intrigued that I need to find a public place myself. Maybe I will see you there. {wink}

nostrings4692 62M

9/2/2005 11:15 am

I'll be checking out all the libraries in Huntsville!!...

rm_girlsfuntoy 54M
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10/26/2005 8:22 pm

wow....very hot. I enjoyed this immensely. I want to see more. I just saw your profile, and checked out your

lazyman4u65 50M
7 posts
12/11/2005 11:53 am

Would love to do that with you in public. Do you like to watch? NIce to meet you, great story!

simultaneous2 59M

12/15/2005 7:34 pm

WOW!!!! I got rock hard imagining you hving hat much fun in the library. Wonderful story...I think I will read it again and again....and fantasize that I was watching you from nearby knowing your every move and thought..

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