Today's Question....June 9th  

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6/9/2006 11:37 pm

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Today's Question....June 9th

So today I'm going to kinda go off the normal path and ask something off the wall. So heres today's question.

What are your thoughts on all this internet predator stuff thats all over the news?

I can't believe what some of the people will actually do. I think its rather scary. I'm not going to lie about liking younger girls and girls that look young but i can tell you this I would never think about doing anything with a girl under the age of 18. If i think she may be lying about her age I WILL ask to see ID and have her prove she's 18 before I'll do anything.

besides doing that stuff on the internet is actually dumb if you think about it. How can you ever know exactly who you are talking with. I started talking with a girl on this site about a couple weeks ago only to find out that when we started talking on the phone she was 16. She was listed as 19. Anyone can change their age so I say this """""""PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN MEETING ANYONE OFFLINE FROM THIS SITE"""""" unless your sure of their age. When i found out I told her no way and haven't talked with her since. So I also add if your on this site and your under 18, get off here because you'll just end up getting someone in trouble. OK enough ranting now. If anyone has been contacted by sexylilthang69 she 16 and you are advised to stay away. thanks

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