The Day I Found Out My Mom Smoked Pot  

LittleQueenieGo 60F
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6/27/2005 7:55 pm

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6/12/2009 10:45 pm

The Day I Found Out My Mom Smoked Pot

ok hi you good bloggers.....!!!!! this is my first so bear with me....(although i have lots and LOTS of good stories!!!! wel since i'm 49 we are talking early seventies) oh the naivety of me at that age!!! so i prance home from school one afternoon and pounce up the stairs (split level -Ohio)....where is everybody?? my mom was a stay at home brother was a year and a half older than me.......I was little Miss GoodytwoShoes....the little cheerleadermiss Class officer,etc. I'm like "where is everybody?" i go into my brother's room and there is my brother and his best friend and my mom......smoking a joint....and they are like hey sis.....take a toke!!! i was blown away!!! at that time, i had never even seen pot....hey we are talking about new york...woodstock shit, remember???

well anyway, i was totally freaked out....hey this was my mom and my brother and his best friend who was my buddy too!!!of course i went to my room crying.......... forward to two weeks later......can you guess what i was doing"??????

then after that came the windowpane, etc....

so i came from a dysfunctional family.....

so my mom married my brother's best friend.,....

so i graduated a year early from high school to get away from all the stories.....

and my dad never figured out why nothing happened when they told him they "slipped him a mickey"...

believe it or mom stayed married to him for almost 30 years.....until she died!! my classmates would never believe it!!! i guess love comes when you least expect it, and i say damn skippy GO FOR THE GUSTO!!!!

keithcancook 60M
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6/28/2005 6:05 am

Welcome to BlogLand LittleQueenie! What a shocking revalation for you that day you came home. I know my parents experimented with it too. They never told me, but I did find some pot in my dad's drawer before I moved out of the house.

Actually, later down the road (about 10yrs), they did admit to it in a discussion one time. They said they tried it but didn't like it much.

I am looking forward to reading in your blog. Go for that GUSTO and you will have many readers before too long.

pleasureu1954 62M
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10/28/2006 5:19 am

I never knew that about your family. I also partied with a guy who had a super hot mom. His dad was a big banker in NY city and they had tons of dough. House by the river. Cabin in the back. His folks also toked but usually seperately from us in the cabin. Well, it turns out a year later when I was in college and Louis was a senior in H.S. I found out his mom took off with one of louis's friends. Left the banker, the house and of course Louise and his bro. Matt

ludwig202 64  
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12/8/2008 6:22 pm

super sexy,,

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