I said I met a BOY, not that I have a BOYFRIEND  

LittleDevichka 30F
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10/12/2005 4:52 am

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I said I met a BOY, not that I have a BOYFRIEND

Right. Here's the catch.
He works at a cafe, so he doesn't like meeting up for coffee; he also works at a movie theatre, so he doesn't like meeting up for a movie.
We're doing something this weekend. But what?
I was thinking... Art Museum? There's the Rembrandt exhibit featuring pieces that have never been in the United States before. Tickets for that are $10 per person, otherwise, General Admission is $4 (for students.) What do you think? Sounds reasonable?
I have to admit I'm not terribly fond of art museums. My head starts swimming after awhile and I get tired. But I'd be spending that time with Sam, and not in A-town with my mom at a stamping group.
A stamping group is where you learn to make art with stamps. That's it. My mom and my sisters absolutely love it, but I finished elementary school many years ago and I'm pretty sure we covered stamps. Now, if they were teaching us how to carve the wood to make the stamps, that'd be worthwhile. But it isn't, so I left my mom a polite voice message saying I didn't think I'd be going, since I've met a boy and I'm not sure what my weekend would be looking like. She totally misunderstood this and left me a message saying "How dare you say you have a boyfriend, and that's it? Hello! I want to hear more!" Then my sister called me and said "So, tell me all about Sam." If my family learned anything in family counseling, it sure wasn't listening skills.
Well, I'm just out of the shower and need to dress myself (sorry, guys) and then get to the cafe and smile cutely at Sam. Later.

rm_professorL69 64M

10/12/2005 7:26 am

Yes I must admit that I am not terribly fond of classical art exhibits, however the museum can be fascinating from and architectual point of view. How about cotempary modern art, history, natural history or a science museum. Even the zoo. Great places that are fun and can stimulate good conversation.

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