I haven't updated in fifty million years  

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11/21/2005 8:33 pm

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I haven't updated in fifty million years

Have... no food. Thanksgiving almost... here. Parents buy lots... of groceries. Must... hold on until... Wed...nes...day...
Just kidding, I'm not really starving to death. But I am really sick of Ramen, macaroni and cheese, and Cocoa Puffs. I'm trying to cut back on my coffee intake to save up money; it'll be time to start Christmas shopping soon, and I haven't paid my December rent yet. God, I want it to be Wednesday. The fridge at my parents' house is always overflowing. And before they take me back to Milwaukee they'll take me grocery shopping for whatever I want. This is what the list looks like so far.
-Milk: Cocoa Puffs are not as good without it, let me tell you.
-Orange juice: We're not out yet, but we soon will be.
-Bread: I bought jelly to go with the peanut butter the last time I went shopping, only to come home and find we had no bread. D'oh.
-Fruit: We've got an apple or two left, and that's it.
-Snackies: Oh come on, you know what snackies are. Cookies, chips, Cheez-Its. The stuff you eat in front of the computer. This will constitute most of my shopping.
-Frozen burritos: Ahh, an old favorite. I ate frozen burritos almost every day for lunch my senior year of high school. Well, obviously I heated them up first.
-Fruit snacks: I am determined to get a shitload of fruit snacks so my roommates can steal some and there'll still be enough for me.
-Soda: If I'm going to cut back on coffee there damn well better be some caffeine in the house.
-Yoghurt: Oh, yoghurt. You make me feel healthy when really I should be outside exercising.
Other things to buy:
-Something in which we can keep our sugar so it doesn't have to sit on the counter in a plastic baggie and look like cocaine.
-Bras that aren't going to COMPLETELY BREAK like my favorite one the other day. Grrrr.
-Maybe winter boots, but with my luck my mom will buy a really nice pair for me and then we'll get no snow this winter.
-Razor heads
Things to retrieve from home:
-Space heater out of my sister's room. I shall smuggle it if I have to. That thing is my best friend.
-High heels, since I am accompanying Shawn to his company Christmas party and the only pair of heels I own is at home. I hope. They're either there or still at Vanya's apartment...
-My old school uniform. You know what that's for.
I saw Harry Potter with Lisa, Lenore, Mike and Matt on Friday. It was actually really good. Better than the first three movies. And actually, since Goblet of Fire is my least favorite of the books, I think I like it in its movie form better; a lot of the stuff they cut out is the shit that really annoyed me in the book. Although, in the movie, Victor Krum is not hot. I'm sorry, he just isn't. Lisa thought he was, but he just looked bulky and stupid. In the book he's quite scowly and ugly, but if you're going to make him look good in the movie you should actually succeed.
Okay, this mammoth of an update should atone for my laziness of late.

PunkGuy4Fun 32M

11/21/2005 11:34 pm

Hey buddy, are you goin to LTJ at the rave in Feb? The rave sucks as a venue, but LTJ always puts on a show. I lost your sn on yahoo, if you still have mine and wanna talk, hit it up. Have a good thanksgiving!

Eastside__Devil 36F

11/22/2005 6:47 am

Devi have fun at your parents house, i myself get to drag the roomy to mine for supper and Im going to steal all the homemade spaghetti sauce i can get my hands on (mmm saucey goodness)

house44444 43M

11/22/2005 4:07 pm

hey dev you coming back this way huh if you get to bored send me a message on AdultFriendFinder and I will take you out to get drunk with me hope you have a great thanksgiving!!!1


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