"Who's flying this thing?"  

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9/30/2005 10:00 pm

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"Who's flying this thing?"

Of course the movie was fantastic. It shocked and moved me. At one point I screamed out loud- with about half the movie theatre- and then burst into tears. Normally I hate crying at movies, but I totally didn't care and sobbed my heart out, making my friend worry about me. My blog title is a tribute to the movie. Can't stop the signal.
When I got home I went on cam, above the waist only. I get lots of pages, but I can't accept them... the window doesn't load. I see the pages and most of the content, though. It's very encouraging. There was an English couple watching, and judging from the picture the chick had GREAT tits. I wanted to reply, but that slows everything down and sometimes crashes the cam. Then I got mail from people who watched... I think that's my favorite part. I like knowing that people have watched and enjoyed what they saw. I even like hearing that they came watching me.
I am feeling better so I'll describe last night... I still can't believe it happened!
My friend Andrew IMed me, saying "I'm bored. Fix it!" He used to do that to me all the time when we lived in the dorms. I would go to his room and we would watch TV on the computer, usually the English show Red Dwarf, which is hilarious. He had a double room but never got assigned a roommate, lucky bastard. He used the extra mattress to built a fort.
Andrew's got a sexy voice, beard and hair. I've been into him ever since I met him, but he's had a girlfriend and I've had boyfriends on and off. He and his girlfriend broke up pretty recently, but remain on good terms. Last night we met up and went to my apartment to watch Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, the Family Guy movie. (Need I even say that it was hilarious?) Andrew started flirting with me, hitting me with pillows and putting his feet up on my lap and stuff. I played along, of course. Pretty soon we were sitting with his arms around me, holding hands.
On a complete impulse I turned and kissed his lips. I realized quickly what I'd done and faced the TV again. "I'm sorry," I said. "Why?" he asked. I didn't answer. "Hey," he said. I turned slightly, and he kissed me. When the movie ended, we talked about how great it was and cuddled some more. He stood and turned off the DVD player- the remote wasn't working- and I stood and put my arms around his neck and kissed him. He grinned. "How long have you wanted to do that?" he asked. "Longer than you've been single," I said.
He spun me around, and we danced a little to no music. I used to see him at the swing dance club on campus when my ex, Vanya, took me sometimes. On one spin I didn't turn back around, but stood with his arms around me. I pushed my hips back a little and felt him hard against me. When he felt the pressure there he pushed forward gently. "Can we go sit somewhere?" he asked.
We went to my room, where we sat down on my bed. We kissed, and I pulled him down on top of me. Pretty soon we were dry-humping. I'd forgotten how erotic that can be; I hadn't had to do it since I was about 15 and in high school. Parents, you know. My parents enforced an open-door policy... but my boyfriend had a bedroom in the basement. (Alliteration is awfully amusing.)
Andrew confessed he felt a bit weird. "I don't even know you that well," he said. "This is so random." He is very philosophical, and he sometimes gets himself down from thinking too hard. "I'm thinking too much," he said. "What are you thinking about?" I searched my thoughts. Nothing. I was thinking nothing. I was just doing.
Andrew took my shirt off, and then hesitated. "Do you have any boundaries I should know about?" he asked. "Let's keep it above the waist," I advised. He took off my bra and sucked on my nipples, pushing his erection against my jeans. After awhile I rolled him over and got on top of him, taking his shirt off and kissing him all over. He ran his fingers up and down my spine, which is a ticklish area for me, and I shivered. He enjoyed that. "How about you? Any boundaries?" "Nope," he said. "I am boundary-less." "I like that," I said, and unbuttoned his pants.
He was a good size, 7 inches or so, and really hard. I spent a lot of time teasing him around the head. When I finally went all the way down on him, deep-throating almost to the base, he shook and moaned and grabbed my ass. I sucked him for several minutes, but I was way out of practice and my jaw began to ache. Slowing down, I used my spit as lubricant and rubbed him. I brought my face back up to his. "Sorry I can't make you cum," I said. "You know, I almost think I should wait to cum until I know you a little better... what sort of things you like," he told me. "Well, I like it when a guy cums," I said, and kissed him. "And I like it on my stomach." "I can do that," he whispered, and rolled me over.
I stroked him, and he brought his cock to my mouth and I sucked some more; then, with a fantastic moan, he shot a HUGE sticky load all over my tummy. It took a long time to clean up.
"That was the best head I've ever had," he told me.
We kissed and cuddled a little more, but we both had to work in the morning. I walked him down to my front door. "You sleep well," I told him. "As you wish," he replied. He leapt down the stairs of the porch, and gave me an elegant bow. He's such a nerd, it's great. He got a huge kick out of the giant map of Middle-Earth and the Muppets poster on my wall.
So, that's the story. It was a great night all in all. I finally got Andrew entangled in my web of seduction, bwahaha.

house44444 43M

10/3/2005 7:49 pm

Wow that is an incredible story wish that would of been me in your story

cram64 52M
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10/5/2005 9:18 am

*sigh* The good old days....

wish i wasn't so fucking jaded


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