My Past Experiences With No Regrets  

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9/22/2005 12:11 pm

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9/13/2006 4:57 pm

My Past Experiences With No Regrets

I lost my virginity very young around 11-12 yrs of age. I did it with a couple of teenage boys from my neighbourhood. Three to four of them taking turns with me under a bridge on a patch of grass. It hurt I remembered but kinda good feeling of being fondled all over. It den escalated to one of the guys house in his room which he shared with his brother and den on the staircase at a block of flats actually my block. It was always one to two guys taking me. Sometimes we all go to the nearby school in the middle of the night and romp around. Dont remember much but remember one thing one of the guys rubbing my swollen clit. Dont remember having an orgasm but Im sure I enjoyed the ride.

Den the teenage years came and went all the while with the boys from my hood. If any of them r reading this now they will be reminising their young lifes and times with me. So I went on to work did meet a couple of guys remember one guy in particular who brought me to his house when no one was in and took me and I remember him telling me he knew I was a noisy fucker. Had some guys who were in my gang of friends who r now famous or were famous models and glamourous ppl. Wonder what they r doing now? Hmmm. Still remember this model guy took me to his place and asked if his cousin cud do me I was in my late teens early 20s. I said no but in the end let his cousin do me too. I remember when he came into the room with his cousin and he stroked my thigh I kinda like shivered in jolted in shock he den reassured me "Its me dont worry, my cousin will just fuck you and leave, he wont kiss u or anything I'll be here with u all the time" So while his cousin was pounding my twat he made me blow his cock. Oh I was young den. Had two brothers at one time one after another both were and still r so well hung. So if the older brother didnt want me I wud
try to sexually arouse the younger brother which always worked. One time the older brother had two friends over I agreed to do only one of them. So in the room suck the older brothers cock while his friend pounded me. I cudnt keep quiet and the older brother was like telling his friend stop making me scream and moan so loudly. I was sucking his cock and his friend was doing me doggy style gawd I remember tat. When his friend first entered the room the older brother said we r just doing this he lifted my legs apart held on to my ankles rammed me oh he is like 9in. There r so many I can remember but kinda lazy to write down may be my next blog. Just a few for this round. Had a gang bang when I was in my mid 20s like 10 guys and me at a party in Stevens Road. I was high liked the host I was really a HOLLA BACK GIRL den. I let the guys and some girls do with me anything they wanted. My arse was bleeding sperm all over me from head to toe 3 guys over my head a few more at my pussy remembered a few hands in my pussy at one time. Was screaming and moaning and drenched in the end. Took a shower alone put my clothes back on in the morning and went home. Didnt see the gang till end of the week where we just chilled and talked about the experience. No one looked down on me the girls hated me for that cause all the guys in the gang were like so admiring me for my courage to do it. Bitter sweet memories as I type this. But I dont live a life of regrets. Im the kinda girl who will do anything once. So gotta try a white guy soon. I had a few guys from AdultFriendFinder outta all the guys I had only 4 were terrific. Maybe outta say 8 to 10 guys. The 4 still are terrific. Kiss to u guys and you noe who u r. Oh oh come to think of it there is this one guy I met before AdultFriendFinder he is on now. He is number 5. So want him back in my bed but he noes and I noe out time together have expired. Just good friends and one time good fuck buddy. I remember when we first went to bed in my house on my bed, the bed I sleep on with my husband hehehe gawd Im awful but Im human I hope u ppl who read this dont judge me please its just me I noe what I do is wrong but let god judge me not u. Im a very very nice lady once u get to noe me.. Any guy who noes me will tell u that; Im a good fuck, listener just simply a good person with a very high sex drive. So on my bed with him. I was riding his 8in tool so deep gawd den he said he was gonna cum what shd he do. I said shoot in me. The expression on his face wow KODAK moment. He was 25 I was 38, 39 den I think. After tat I asked him "You looked surprise when I said shoot in me" cant remember his exact reply but I think he said first time he is shooting his sperm inside a woman(I think not sure) something around this area. Anyway still want his sex. He is a great friend and a great lover. So I shall stop here now more to cum. I used to go for younger guys my youngest was 15 and I was 39 (teacher teacher poor poor hehehe)my oldest is 42. I love younger guys they make me feel young. I dont mind an older fuck buddy but usually get younger ones hmmm. Not complaining. So enjoy my blog email me send me a wink. Just hope that I dont hurt anyone but it was and is my life I do what I want I and u only live once. Just wanna be part of your life. Once you have read my blog I have become part of your memory. You will somewhere down the road of your own life remember me remember reading this blog. Take me with u let me be part of you your memory thats what I want my blog to do. So till next time have a wonderful fulfilling sex live... Lita65

rm_russell1501 44M
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9/23/2005 8:24 am

great blog...would love to meet u to swap me with ur contact...

keep posting...kisses n hugs


rm_bobby8488 55M

2/7/2006 5:42 am

hi lita your blogs are great u can read it over n over again everytime u read it it give u a diferent meaning its the feeling n the way u put it email me anytime i will be watin not only with open arms but open everything AdultFriendFinder cheers

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