Sort of solo lady at a swingers club  

LisaTakesCream 63F
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7/13/2006 5:44 am
Sort of solo lady at a swingers club

For an additional thrill I went with my life-partner to a swingers club and although we arrived together we separated as soon as we entered. This we thought would allow me to attract more attention and my partner could enjoy watching as if I was there solo.
I wore a very short maids outfit that didn’t quite cover my bum, with fully-fashioned stockings and stiletto heels. Under the Maids outfit I wore a bra that really pushed my breasts up and a micro thong that just about covered my shaven pussy.
As I went to the bar to get myself a glass of wine a couple in front of me asked if they could buy me a drink, I said yes. We moved away from the bar & the husband passed me my drink and as I took it from him he immediately slid his hand up my short skirt and placed it on my bum lifting the hem even higher so anyone standing behind had a good view of my bum, only then they introduced themselves. We chatted and the lady explained her husband didn’t swing but liked her going with other men. I asked if she went with many men and she confirmed that she went all the way most times.
As we were standing away from the bar and were two ladies one man, we did seem to attract attention, especially from the single guys there. A guy came over and asked the husband which if any of these two ladies he could ask to dance? I answered before the husband had chance, saying ask both of us; can’t you dance with 2 women at the same time? The three of us went onto the disco floor just as the music slowed and the lights dimmed. He held us both but his hand was up my skirt at the back just as this ladies husband had done. As we danced the lady placed her hand on the guy’s crotch, after a few minutes I reached down and unzipped his fly and released his now very hard cock and I placed it in the other ladies hand, she played with it as we continued to dance.
Then using her other hand she lifted my very short skirt at the front and directed his cock towards my pussy. He moved my narrow thong and with the other lady holding his cock placed it at the entrance of my wet vagina. I told him to put a condom on and in a flash one was produced and with the other ladies help he rolled it on his cock and he penetrated me as we danced. After a few strokes the guy lifted one of my legs and placed it over his hip, this allowed him to penetrate me deeper. The dance floor had filled up when the lights went down and was no quite crowded but we were near the edge. A guy standing on the carpet not on the floor reached out and started to fondle my bum as the guy fucked me and the other lady held the cock, so as the guy thrust I also felt the ladies fingers touching my pussy. After a while the guy pulled out of me and removed his condom, as I was about to protest, he went towards the other lady and it was clear he was going to fuck her bareback. I gave room but held his cock as it went into the other lady and remained with my leg up over his hip as he now thrust up her. The guy at the side of the floor now joined us and got his cock out, he put on a condom and then from behind with my leg still over the other guys hip, whilst he was up the other lady the, the second guy fully penetrated me from behind.
The DJ announced that the slow music and low lights were about to change and both guys withdrew form we two ladies. We returned to the other ladies husband, who’d watched as much as he could, I’d only been in the club about 45 minutes by then, yet I had already had sex with two men.
I went of to the loo and felt several hands go up my micro skirt as I pushed through the crowded room. As I came out of the ladies a guy started to chat me up, he was a bit too young for me, so I explained that I wasn’t too keen on cradle snatching. He said please give me one minute to convince you I am not immature? I said ok, he unzipped his fly and released a simply huge penis, so large I couldn’t resist taking hold of it and it stiffened in my hand. I have an 8 ” cock at home so I’m not often impressed by size but I admit I was in this case. I have no idea how big he was but significantly more than 8” and this young lad had a massive girth as well. We moved to a quieter location, the lad bent me over a couchette placing my hands on the seat to steady myself I parted my leg, the lad poisoned himself between my legs at the back, I reached back between my legs and soon felt that he now had a condom. I bent further forward and he asked me to slightly bend my knees till he was fully in, I complied. He then put both his hands on my hips and asked if it would be OK if he rammed me? I replied “not until you’ve up me for a few minutes” so he slowly drove his cock in. A small crowd had gathered as if they all knew this lad had a massive cock as he was by now really ramming. As I fucked I couldn’t help but push back into him and he really was ramming me. Then I felt a gentle hand come round me to my groin, I saw it was my husband. He placed his fingers on my clit and played it as the lad continued to ram me from behind. The combination of such a large cock the fingering of my clit and an audience got me so excited I was on the point of passing out. Then I felt relief on the way as my orgasm started to build up urgently and I burst into my climax. I was not steady on my feet now, so my husband helped me turn and sit on the couchette. The lad was desperate to cum, so I bent a little and took his penis into my mouth (god he was huge) and started to suck him off. It was dark in the spot where we were; so one guy watching produced a small torch and shone it onto my face in order to let every one watching see me giving the lad a blowjob. The guy with the torch told the lad to pull out and come over my face. I pulled away for a moment and said “tits not face.”
I placed the cock back into m mouth and then pulled my Maids top and strapless bra down and then as I thought the lad was Cumming I leaned back for him to ejaculate over my breasts. But the lad reached down and pulled my skirt up over my waists; he removed my micro thong over my ankles. I lay back for him with my thighs parted, opening my legs even wider. As he came in close I put my ankles around his waist. The lad was now masturbating himself and pointed his penis directly at my vagina but about an inch still away. The torch was directed to that spot, for some insane reason I reached down and pulled my pussy lips apart as wide as I could & the lad then let go. He shot an amazing amount of semen (I know there’s said to be a standard 10cc) I have had some spunk baths but nothing of that quantity from one guy before. As the lad moved away the man with the torch got down between my legs and licked me out!

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