At a sexy dinner party  

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5/11/2006 8:49 am

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At a sexy dinner party

This is a report of a party attended last Friday by a couple who are friends of mine. As they obtained the invitation via me they’re happy for me to use their story in my blog.

They arrived at the Manor House at 8pm, which was 30 minutes later than expected, so no one answered the door. They realized the guests must be at the rear of the house and do wondered round and found a walled garden which had been converted into a swimming pool area. There the other guests were al enjoying pre-dinner Champaign.
The hostess and host was so warm in their welcome that my friends didn’t feel too embarrassed at arriving late, due to living closer to the hosts than any of the other guests they’d left it late leaving so got caught up in local traffic. There were 5 couples and one single male, all the ladies were dressed provocatively and the guys were in smart casual attire. So the atmosphere was from the outset very sexually charged.

They moved into the Manor House to dine around a table big enough to seat 12 in comfort and the place names meant that no lady sat next to her partner and was as far away from her husband/boyfriend as possible. The food and wine was excellent but apparently the company was superb, all were urbane and gentle, no louts at all.

The diner conversation whilst sexy wasn’t at all ribald (I’m told) but as the last course was served so the hands began to roam. My friend suddenly found hands form either side touching her most intimately. The guy to her right asked if he could show her round the house; it wasn’t his place but this was his second visit so felt he was free to provide a guided tour. She turned to the guy on her left and said, I am just pooping off with this guy to have a look round, I will be back and with that reassuringly patted his groin where she felt a very erect cock.

As she and the guy passed through the lounge off the dining room they met the Host coming back from his seller with more wine. He placed the bottles on a coffee table and placed one arm around my friend and the other hand up between her legs. After a while he had his fingers inserted into her vagina and the guy who’d offered to show her around had a finger in her anus. The host realized he was stopping the other guy, so he, pulled his finger out so to speak, stepping back to allow them to continue on their way saying “I will be up later to get my share of that wet pussy.”

At the top of the first flight of stairs there was a sitting room and the guy directed my friend into that. He placed her on one of the couchette fitted around the room and parted her legs. She asked if this was his idea of a tour and he said “the perfect tour yes” and with that went down on her. No sooner had he started than another husband entered the room asking if he could watch. My friend pointed out that this was a participation sport, so why not join in. He sat next to them and undressed. My friend bent over so he could penetrate from behind as the original guy sat on the couchette. My friend gave oral to the first guy as the second fucked her standing but bent over from the waist. Then as he got dressed the first guy fucked her in the same position.
Before going downstairs my friend popped her head around the door opposite the sitting room they’d just been in and saw her partner giving head to the hostess who was in an office chair legs up over his shoulders.

Back down in the lounge coffee was being served and my friend needed some after just having been shagged by two guys. The single guy who’d been acting as assistant host served her coffee and said he really needed to shag her, she replied let me finish my coffee then you can have me. A few minutes later he was leading her up to a room again on the first level which had an enormous bed in it. Wow that’s big she said, he replied how do you know you haven’t seen it yet and with that whipped out a simply enormous cock. She now understood why he was the token single male, he was well endowed in the extreme, in fact she used the term massive.

She placed herself in the middle of the bed and he presented his cock to her mouth but despite being an experienced swinger she simply couldn’t get the head of his cock in her mouth. She could only lick it and place her mouth around part of it from the side.
“Will you be able to take it up you” he asked, I do hope so was her reply. With that he presented the head of his cock to her vagina, lifted her legs high and held them wide apart with his arms outstretched then without using his hand to guide it. He slowly but surely thrust his huge penis right up to the hilt. He fucked her with vigour, the asked her to go on her hands and knees, in order to could really ram her hard from behind. In that position his ramming was so forceful that the next day her partner discovered bruising on the cheeks of her bum and the only account she could give was it must be from that guys hip bones as he pelvic thrusted her.

Back down in the lounge and feeling a little woozy from drink and the sex my friend was approached by the host, who begged her for sex. How could she refuse such an hospitable host, so she said yes ok.

On the same large bed she presented herself to the host who was also quite vigorous in his shagging. However he went on for ages without signs of cumming. She asked what she could do to help and he requested annul sex: she agreed. With him on his back she squatted over his cock and eventually managed to get it right up her anus. She rotated her hips so as to ride up and down his cock and soon she felt the throb of his approaching climax. She quickened her action and he responded by ejaculating in her from a position on his back.

Back in the lounge guys were recounting there experiences and it appeared that all had only had full sex with my friend. However only the host had used her anus but that got the others going and it was only a matter of time before the three other guys took it in turns to have her anus up on the large bed. The last one through her was the guy with the massive dong and he was a lot more gentle than he’s been before but she was amazed that a cock to thick to go into her mouth managed to penetrate her anus.

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