At 50 my glass is very much half full, not half empty.  

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6/21/2006 4:58 am

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At 50 my glass is very much half full, not half empty.

I know how lucky I am; what a privileged life I’ve had so far and it simply gets better and even better.
Born in the mid fifties I experienced the best of the 1960s: the Beatles, Stones, Tamla Mowtown, even Maria Callas. Anyone who says: “if you remember the 60s you weren’t really there” is talking through their anus for narcotics weren’t anything like the problem they are today; yes I was in Marrakech too. The big thing then as it is now was recreational-sex; that truly was invented in the 60s, with the general availability of the pill. I experienced Paris when Jean Paul Sartre smoked in the cafés of St Germaine, this doesn’t make the cliché list but it was really cool, I danced at Bal a Joe in Rue d’ Lapp, where guys were so hot for it they didn’t bother coming off the floor to cum, during slow dances I’d allow guys to slide a length into me as my micro-mini skirts rode up enabled easy access for their full penetration.
In my late 20s it was time to have children and enjoy a calm life while making money from respectable business’s that were of themselves exhilarating. We all struggled though the ugly 80s, by the mid 90s I for one was ready to spread my legs and the numerous affairs I had were gratifying. So at the dawn of this centaury and approaching 50 one had choices- become a boring old fart, whinge like other Pomes and spend ones life with flatulent-fools, or go-back-to-basics as John Major suggested. For me it meant the joys of free-love, I took a lame duck Prime Ministers advice returning to my real self and 10 years on (1st 5 having affairs) I’m a committed swinger. I feel that I play in the English Premier League so far as fuck-ball is concerned, frequently playing in top international arenas too. We can be in Paris inside 3 hours, visit a Partous at one of the elegant sex-on-premises Villas on Avenue Foch or one of the mid market ‘on-premises’ clubs such as Chris et Manu, still get home to London in time for an early night.
To illustrate a typical high-quality swing-event, I’ve asked a partner to report on a sex and dinner party we attended recently, the idea being to add another dimension to my blog, perspective maybe. This is how he saw the dinner party and readers will see me as others did not simply my view of events. So his story presented below, it is edited by me but it’s very much his view of the occasion:

Partners were separated as we sat down for dinner, Lisa for example was placed at the far end of the dining table from me, so we couldn’t even exchange meaningful glances effectively, the same with the other couples and the 2 taken single guys were helping out as waiters, like our hosts they would join us for dinner, between courses they were busy serving the food as our hosts dished it up in their kitchen.
The lady to my right was a bright charming woman in her late 30s, very attractive and self assured. On my left a lady in her late 40s, who looked very sexy but wasn’t nearly so chatty, however the guy beyond her made major efforts to engage her in conversation as beyond him was one of the single guys. I felt sure the lady on my right was interested and I put all my effort into securing an early departure, after dinner, to one of the many bedrooms in this large old house. I asked if she was happy to show me around the house even though she hadn’t attended here previously either and she said: I can’t show you around fully but I feel sure we can find a bedroom, I know that’s what you really want” That’s just about as close as I felt I could possibly get to an assured screw. We chatted about other matters and left sex in abeyance as I at least thought we had a tacit agreement and no point in unpicking a tacit accord.
Lisa at the other end of the table was in demand, so much so both waiters and our host had visited her position, all 3 had to some extent fondled her at the table from standing or waiting-on positions. The Hostess returning to her seat came via me, leaned over she whispered, “I hope you have no issues with Lisa starting things off after dinner”? I replied not at all, I want her to have a good time. Right after the main course and before the desert Lisa got up from the table and left the room accompanied by the guy (one of the husbands) who’d been seated on her right. As soon as Lisa and guy left the room the lady on my right, to whom I’d been chatting said: “my partner is off with yours so it makes sense for you and I to leave it a wile to let them get started before we go in search of a bedroom.” I hadn’t realised the guy now with Lisa was hers. I nodded agreement not to rush to emulate Lisa with her husband. However the lady to my left heard this exchange and said to the lady on my right: “in that case you wont mind if I take him and fuck his brains out while you wait, leaving him ready for you in say about 20 minutes?” The lady to my right said nothing, the one on my left took my arm almost frog-marched me out of the room as I looked back at the lady still open mouthed who’d sat to my right.
On the first floor we saw a bedroom door ajar so popped our heads round, Lisa was on a chaise long to the side of the room, naked and the guy was between her legs giving here oral. I whispered to the lady with me we take the bed but she pulled my arm indicating she wanted a separate bedroom. We moved along the corridor to a room with a double bed. As we entered the lady removed her wrap-around dress to reveal she was, except a pair of hold-up stockings and stiletto-heeled shoes, naked underneath. I stripped as quickly as possible as the lady positioned herself bent the waist so her bum was offered in a most inviting and obvious way, her hands on the bed and feet on the floor. I rolled a condom on then penetrated her from behind. I tried to be gentle but she protested that she wanted it hard. In fact she said: “I waited through most of dinner to get this fuck, so now you can ram me hard you bastard.” I took hold of her hips and pelvic thrusted with as much force as possible. To my relief she started to orgasm within minutes, I kept up as much speed and force as possible but the rate I was pumping meant I wouldn’t have been able to keep that power-thrusting up for long. I was relieved when she screamed that she was cumming. I kept stokes strong to the final moments of her orgasm when she fell-foreword onto the bed, exhausted from her orgasm, I held still so she brought about my withdrawal. She got into a relaxed position and told me to go to the other woman she’d promised it’d be less than 20 minutes. This lady closed her eyes, I dressed without her acknowledging me and I left the bed room.
Downstairs coffee was being served adjacent to the dinning room; I saw the lady who’d sat on my right was still there fully dressed and in conversation with two guys. One a single guy or waiter the other the man I knew to be the husband of the lady I’d just had upstairs; I joined those three. The husband asked me if I’d done a good job with his wife. I suggested he should pop up to the room and check, I avoided his question. I was eager to secure my position with the lady who’d sat next to me at dinner, so I placed an arm around her, to my delight she responded by putting her arm around me. The waiter (single guy) gallantly moved away leaving the two of us alone. Then she whispered in my ear: “I hope you saved some spunk for me? I explained I hadn’t cum and what’s more the lady upstairs told me to get back down here quickly. “Will you ride me bareback” she asked. “Oh god I said I’m under obligation not to have sex unprotected but I’m so desperate to have you.” The lady said that’ll be ok, you can fuck me wearing a condom but pull out and cum in my mouth, ok?” I took her into my arms and kissed her passionately as a way to thank her for her understanding, then she informed me that she wanted me to undress her right there in this coffee lounge, then take her upstairs but she wanted to be stripped here.
I undid her dress and slowly removed her fabulous lingerie, she wore a camisole and matching cammie knickers, once they were off (she wore no bra) it was in just suspenders and seemed stockings. I said she looked so good that I’d leave her stockings and suspenders together with her high heeled shoes on, and go down on her like that. Positioned on an easy chair I gave the best oral sex I was capable of.
We moved upstairs and as we passed the bedroom I’d seen Lisa in earlier I couldn’t resist putting my head round the door once again. Lisa was on all fours in the middle of the bed and the husband of the lady I was now with was shafting her doggy style, at the head of the bed our host had his cock in Lisa’s mouth. Holding the ladies hand I went closer and saw that the husband was in Lisa bareback, sliding in and out slowly the way I know she likes it. As we stood there the husband of the lady I was with noticed us and asked Lisa (pointedly I thought) if he could fuck her arse. Lisa took the hosts cock from her mouth and without turning her head replied: “yes go right ahead and enjoy.”
The lady and I found a bedroom on an upper floor and started to kiss passionately; she pulled or almost ripped my clothes off. Then I lifted her so her legs were around my waist as I remained standing. Unable to resist I put my cock to her vagina and pushed up into her bareback. Either I had some newly found strength or the lady was exceptionally light but I was able to hold her in that position effortlessly for quite a time. After a while she asked me to put her against a wall in that position. She moved her legs up over my shoulders and arched her back against the bedroom wall so that she lifted off my cock. Then she said: “place your dick in my anus” I positioned my cock at the entrance of her anus, by pushing her shoulders against the wall and lifting with her legs on my shoulders she enabled me to enter her anus whilst still in that standing position.
I’d not only never before had annul sex in that position; I hadn’t penetrated an anus from the front, so it was a new position for me but clearly not for the lady. “Yours is by far the biggest dick I’ve ever had, she exclaimed, don’t show mercy really ram me has hard as you can” I did my best in that precarious position. After a few minutes I lowered her onto the bed but managed to keep her impaled on my cock in her anus. “I know you won’t like this but I can only beg you to do it, she said as she pushed herself hard down against me: “hurt me please inflict real pain into me!” I didn’t want to do that and somehow she had sensed it in advance as I hesitated. “I beg you please give me pain I absolutely need it I am desperate for it, please, please, please I beg you, she continued.” I’ve no idea where the brutality came from, as I’ve never in my life before inflicted pain on a woman but I did thrust up her anus harder and harder and it was apparent that I was hurting her a great deal but she truly relished the pain.
It must have taken somewhere close to a half hour but eventually she started to orgasm from annul sex, or perhaps from the pain she was enduring and when she reached a climax she was very noisy indeed. I pulled out of her anus and told her firmly that I now needed to cum, she nodded her acceptance. I lay her flat on her back and entered her vagina for the first time, it was wet very wet. The lady looked me directly in the eye and said: “think of your wife downstairs getting shagged by more guys than you can imagine, soaking her with their spunk just as your going to now in me.” I’ve no idea why but I took my penis out of her vagina and reinserted it in her annul passage. I pulled her knees up on her chest so her bum was now elevated into my groin and I drove my cock down into it harder than even before. I was almost hypnotised by her, so when she said: “push your whole hand into my cunt” I did exactly as I was instructed. I was right up her anus with my testicles banging against her bum, somehow I had also managed to get my fist inside her vaginal cavity, right up to my wrist. This had an effect of keeping my cock from going deeply into her at first but through force and lack of care I again managed to get it all the way to the hilt whilst my fist was also in her vagina. She once again screamed an orgasm. I was on the point of cumming so pulled my fist and cock out of her. She came forward quickly but I didn’t get it into her mouth in time but her mouth happened to be open and the spurt of semen was so forceful it reached her mouth anyway. Then at last I was in her mouth and she sucked it deeply and very hard.
As we dressed she informed me that what we’d done would be a mere bagatelle compared to what Lisa would be doing down stairs. Soon we were in Lisa’s room and true enough the husband was directing proceeding having clearly spent his load. Lisa was lying on top of 2 guys who were at opposite ends of the bed, their legs crossing somewhere underneath Lisa, who was in a near kneeling position over their groins. A third guy was behind her with his knees either side of the two guys on their backs. The lady explained two cocks would be in her pussy (the lady said cunt), the third in her anus from behind. I was amazed; as in addition to the two guys at the head of the bed had their cocks in Lisa’s mouth one from each side. The lady moved me forward and took hold of Lisa’s hand placing it around my cock. Lisa could have no idea whose cock she was holding. Then the lady went to the other side of the bed to do the same with a 7th guy the other side of the bed. This tableau was of Lisa with 7 men. 5 of who were actually penetrating orifices. The guy in Lisa’s anus said he was cumming as he grunted a climax. That was a difficult position to maintain, so as each guy came they had to rebuild the tableau, at one stage I was in Lisa’s anus and able to feel the movement of her vagina up and down the shafts of two guys in her vagina as I pushed it her anus and that lifted her along those two guys shafts, which were encased in a single condom. I was careful not to ram Lisa the way I had the other lady earlier and anyway having ejaculated once my ardour was slightly reduced. Every guy at the party had Lisa at least once and aces most used all her orifices. For my part I only screwed her anus and that was only the once. At the end of the party we were the only couple driving home, the others stayed the night. As we left I saw the other lady I had screwed at the start emerge as if she had slept through the orgy that had occurred in the bedroom next to where I had last seen her. She took Lisa’s hand asking if she could just taste her for just one short moment. Lisa didn’t speak she leaned against the door we were about to exit from and opened her coat. The lady immediately got on her knees in front of Lisa and started licking her clit. After a rather long time Lisa reached down and took hold of the ladies head and gestured me round the back. I leaned my back against the door and penetrated Lisa’s vagina from behind. As I penetrated Lisa I also felt the ladies tongue brushing my penis as she lapped at Lisa’s clitoris. Lisa started to cum and I felt her pushing hard against the woman’s face. It had the result of lifting her vagina off my cock just at the very second I was ejaculating. So I came between Lisa’s legs ands over the woman’s face.
As we drove home I asked Lisa if she was sated, she said she had enjoyed lots of orgasms but had we been staying, she could have gone on fucking all night long.

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