All Aboard for a Broad  

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6/13/2006 1:27 pm
All Aboard for a Broad

I agreed to attend a commercial afternoon event being held aboard a Liner anchored in the Thames below the Dome. I was pleasantly surprised as I was until then unaware that such a ship existed and it was very much a luxury liner.
On arrival I was welcomed and shown to the suite where the event was being held and allocated one of the cabins of this the Royal Suite. After depositing my outfit and make up etc I came out to the lounge of the suite and introduced to two young Eastern European ladies whom I gathered were professionals but they were actually quite warm towards me, the aged-amateur and not in the least bit threatening, I assume they though this older woman will be taking some of the load of us without actually being in competition in anyway with them.
It was explained that what happened is guys would arrive soon and just mingle, if they fancied me and I them, then I could take them back to my cabin or play with them in the lounge whichever I preferred and if a guy fancied me but I didn’t want him, then no means no and one of the other ladies would cut in quickly and take the guy away from me. Quite a privileged situation, I thought what a wonderful thing it would be if only I could have these ladies with me at every sex party I attend, as getting rid of the guys I do not fancy is a problem at No-Fee sex parties. I was advised that all the guys would know that I was no Fee and therefore in a privileged position to select and reject whoever I wanted. As there were 6 guys expected I would have a lot of chose.
I returned to my cabin (room) and changed into my outfit, which was actually only a jacket really. I had decided to wear just a short jacket that fitted tight around my waist that flared out over my hips/bum to just below my bum and way above my stocking tops with suspenders. Teamed with very high stiletto sandals the fully fashioned seemed stockings would send out a clear message. If that wasn’t obvious enough then the fact that my cleavage was almost bursting out over the Jacket lapels would be. I wore a push up bra that could bee seen as my jacket was buttoned so low, so my tits spoke the same language as my thighs as I wasn’t wearing a thong underneath, the ensemble said Fuck-Me!
The Eastern European ladies were dressed very sexily and they’re highly attractive but only I wore an outfit that said I was a complete whore, I’d like to think a high class one but a whore all the same.
The guys all arrived together, I understand they were met somewhere else and then came as a group to the ship and then up to the .Royal Suite. I was surprised by the ages; I’m in my early 50s and the ladies who were there as professionals were in their late 30s and mid 40s respectively, not one guy was out of his 20s. It turned out the organizer had selected a group from amongst the many who apply to attend these elegant and I feel sure expensive events, especially. I’m not usually very interested in young guys as I prefer urbane men under say 40, as it’s unlikely that the men are the least bit sophisticated. On this occasion I couldn’t have been more wrong, maybe because they had to pay so much money to attend or perhaps the fact that they were all Merchant Bankers (not I hoped Berchant Mankers).
The first guy to engage me in conversation was highly articulate and soon asked whether or not I had been to a Gils Public Scholl. I explained that in Australia we don’t have actual Public Schools but we do have the equivalent of the Trust style schools. It turned out that he had attended the same type of school that I had. One founded by a London Guild (not Merchant Tailors but that type) and my school in the Colonies had been twinned with or based on his old school, however I omitted telling him that as too much information is not a good thing if like me you went on to firstly a local then a UK University.
And currently hold down a senior professional position but love recreational-sex as well.
Whilst chatting firstly to that guy and then several others, our host came over and gently placed an arm around my waist and said: “if I could be allowed to slip my hand up the hem of your skirt (he meant jacket) for a moment it would encourage the others to stop treating you with TOO much respect, OK;” I nodded my acceptance. The host then slipped a hand down onto my bum and pushed it high enough so as to make the split at the back of my jacket open and reveal my bum entirely. The room seemed to go silent for a moment, as if someone had committed a real error of etiquette. Then the guy who had asked me about the school I had attended did the same from the other side and the host moved away. Soon I had two hands up my (skirt) jacket and someone was undoing my buttons at the front. The other ladies were watching as they hadn’t disappeared into the respective room the moment the guys arrived as I had anticipated. Whilst those 3 guys fondled me the other 3 guys stood and watched.
I was lead to a small 2 seater sofa and placed in the middle of it. There was some chat then an agreed order or consensus seemed to emerge. One particular guy would have me firstly, in whatever location I desired. I didn’t actually answer; instead I lifted a leg and placed it over the arm of the sofa. The guys sat or knelt in a semi-circle around me as the one selected stripped off with his back to me, throwing his clothes into a corner of the suite as he did so. When naked he turned to face me, one of the ladies spoke in Russian and then quickly said it in English- “glad I do not have to take that monster!”
The guy got on his knees in front of me and rolled on a condom. I lifted my other leg and as he came close I placed it over his shoulder. He presented his cock to the entrance of my vagina and pushed the head just inside me. I adjusted as best I could then he slowly pushed his enormous penis up me until it was at its hilt. I was so wet and loved it, I just loved being watched, I loved the size and its thickness. I had had bigger on several occasions but this was never the less very special.
During the afternoon all 6 guys had sex with me in various locations, various places too. The Eastern block ladies provided oral sex and other ancillary erotic services but all the guys had sex with me.
Later when my partner arrived to collect me, I was sitting astride a guy on the bed in my cabin and he (the guy underneath me) was almost exhausted but I still went for it as I just couldn’t stop my orgasms.

spacecadet561 59M

6/13/2006 3:19 pm

HOT DOG! It sounds like you had a fantastic time being the belle who got balled. I need to cum up with a rating system for these erotic blog entries. It'll have to be an open-ended scale, I suppose, since what might seem a maximum-point tale of getting tail might be eclipsed by another one later. So, since you got it from six guys, I'll start the rating there:

...\8 ...\8 ...\8 ...\8 ...\8 ...\8


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