Sweetness in anticipation...  

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8/20/2006 8:40 am

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8/28/2006 4:55 am

Sweetness in anticipation...

I got a text from Chris, he wants to hook up this week. I like him, he's 25, strong and with a decent size dick, he knows what to do with. Its made me think twice about going out tomorrow, I was hoping to hook up with someone then but i dunno, something about Chris makes me think he might be a keeper.

Soon as I put my phone down I felt frustrated, really horny and with the Head Automatica album blasting which always gets me riled up. I lay back on my bed, wearing my leopard print pants and bra, my favourite underwear. I just closed my eyes and slid my fingers inside them, running them down my shaved skin towards my pussy, already feeling a little wet i slipped my fingers in and started teasing myself slowly. "brooklyn is burning and by fireside, we're dancing" I couldnt help but think about him and his lovely cock, his playful character always makes me giggle and he makes evenn the smallest moments of sex so pleasurable, I could almost feel him breathing on my lips as I closed my eyes and stroked my finger over my clit, rubbing slowly as I imagined his meat rubbing over my pussy lips. He was always such a tease and by the time he was done playing I was practically begging him to enter me. "I dont know what to do with you... cos' you, dont know what you do to me" I could sense him as I entered myself over and over again, nearly cumming and I hadnt even opened the draw for my vibrator. I couldnt help but grab the pillow and bite my tongue as I pushed three fingers in, straining my hand but driving myself crazy, slowly stretching myself i thought *now its time for the next level". "baby is this love for real? let me in your arms to feel..." I pulled the vibrator out and left it off as i rubbed it from my pussy to circling my asshole, my clit whining for attention as the juices started to get worked up, I was sure i could smell myself, that sweet smell of excitement. I sucked it for a while as i kept the three fingers moving inside me, before I flicked it on. "its a mission to survive, and learn to want you". Just as I even put it to my cunt I came all over it, shuddering against the bed as I felt every vein in my body attempt to burts its banks, every line on my and felt like it was pulling itself from my skin, it was immersing truly. I started to poke the head into me, the vibrations sending shivers through my buttcheeks as I almost convulsed on the bed! I ended nearly standing lowering myself ontop, basically squating on it as it moved up and down inside me. I was dying to lick up all the cum id let loose on its rock hard base. "Your body is a weapon, and your afraid it could get out'

I havent came like that in a long while. No doubt the pleasure will be tripled as we come *cum face to face again this tuesday. Trust me I cant wait to write that one up!


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8/20/2006 10:04 am

Anticipation is great it builds the fires in the loins and makes you moist and ready. The knowledge that you will have that big cock sliding into your nice tight pussy and filling you up completely as he builds up a nice load to warm you inside. Life is great!

jerrygets2003 42M
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8/21/2006 10:21 am

Thanks for sharing that lovely image! I could think of quite of few ways to make you feel like that again.

rm_randyjim69 38M

8/27/2006 3:17 pm


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