Immigration, not so bad.  

Lipator 56M
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4/5/2006 10:10 am
Immigration, not so bad.

As an immigrant, it is interesting to listen to the intense debate going on. Is it about immigration in general, or illegal immigration in particular. Most people will say it is just the illegals. I'm not so sure about that. Maybe it is just a more politically correct spin on the old racism debate.

Immigration is here to stay. The world is smaller and there is no stopping the immigrants. The longest and highest wall is not going to keep the immigrants out. Are they driving wages down. Maybe, but that's irrelevant. If wages are too high, then companies take the work to the cheaper work force, it is called Free market. That is what capitalism is about.

Globalisation is not going to stop and the US is not the only country feeling the pinch.

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