A couple of firsts all in one!  

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4/21/2005 7:21 am

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A couple of firsts all in one!

hey all!

Normally our lives are dead quiet(sexually of course), but the other day things changed. The woman in question was a teacher(what is it with teachers?, if got an answer reply.) She's just shorter than me, a full figure and one hell of a goddess type body. She was wearing some very tight pants and top.Stripped pants, pinstripe to be specific, with a black blouse. Redhead, in a tail, so you get the full image. You cna always see what type of underwear she is wearing.

See her at some store, sorta like seeing more girls in a Games Workshop store than guys( it has happened and I was scared). We chat for a bit and she offers me a lift home, so I say yeah, of course. We get to my place and talk some more. So before I know it she asks
"Did you want to screw me?" If you watch Loony Tunes etc the distended jaw would be my reaction.
"errrr, half of my year wants to fuck you, the other are the girls."
"Okay then, lets fuck now."

After this she just grabs my dick through my shorts and start squeezing in a slow manner. The motion moves up to the head and I pull her close and kiss her full on the lips. Her blosue and pants come off, and my shorts and shirt do the same, then I start to rub her nipple through the bra and she is shuddering with pleasure. We climb on to the bed and she pins me down with her hips and I keep on caressing her nipples and breasts.
"The clip is in the middle" she says biting her bottom lip.
"Nice" I reply unclipping the bra and play with her breasts properly. She then pulls back and removes her bra and my jocks with one motion(don't ask me how, I got no idea). I roll her over and start to pull her knickers off. She puts her legs in the air as i pull her underwear off. As I approach her ankels I push her legs down and apart and start to kiss the clit. Her hands shoot to the back of my head pushing me in. I start slow and speed up till she is panting like mad. Before I know it she has got three fingers up her own pussy and is moaning so loadly I think the cops have been called, then she orgasms and I do my best to swallow all of the juice.
"mmmmmmmmm, that was good, now we'll see if your good elsewhere"
I kiss her as I guide my erect dick into her. She first bits her lip and arcs her back. Then she settles back down and pulls me on to her. The rythem is slow at first then it picks up until I feel about to explode. Her legs go around me, "let me finish" as she start rubbing her hips against mine. She starts to orgasm, I feel her breasts moving under me and I place my hands on hips and start pumping to the moans of "harder, harder, harder" until I feel the walls clamp and I shoot.

We try various positions after that. Lasting well into the afternoon. I didn't know a woman can have over ten orgasms in one session. I got her mobile number and she has mine so I feel lucky. Post soon.

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