A little story written on a lonely quiet afternoon..  

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4/29/2005 3:54 pm
A little story written on a lonely quiet afternoon..

Walking up to his door, she hesitates, “Hope he can handle me”, she laughs to herself. At least she still has her sense of humor. Ringing the doorbell, she takes a deep breath and waits.

The door swings open and there he stands shirtless looking down at her “What’s up?” he asks. “Hi John”, she says as she walks past him into the house. Turning to follow her into the house, he is curious. When Kayla called him an hour ago asking if she could come over he readily agreed, and why wouldn’t he have. This girl just wanted sex, and that he could give. It wasn’t until he opened to door and saw the look on her face before she masked it into a slight smile and walked past him, that he began to wonder if this visit was going to be like the others. The other times were extremely fun, she made sure he had cum over and over and, chuckling he thinks to himself, then once more just for the hell of it. She really enjoyed pleasing him. He knew that she would
still make sure he came several times before leaving. “Oh yeah”, he thinks to himself, “This is going to be fun”.

She heads straight to his bedroom, glancing over her shoulder to see if he is following. John locks the front door and walks toward his bedroom. Closing the bedroom door and locking
it, he turns to her. She has started unbuttoning her shirt and is staring at him with a hungry look in her eyes. She tosses her shirt aside and steps toward him. Grabbing him by the belt she pulls him toward the bed until he is standing with his back to it. Dropping to her knees she begins to work on releasing the belt, pulling it free and tossing it aside. She then reaches to undo the button and slowly pulls down his zipper feeling the evidence of his arousal against her hands through his jeans and boxers. Tugging his jeans and boxers down around his ankles, she places both hands against his hips and shoves, causing him to topple onto the bed. Quickly removing his shoes and socks, she finishes
tugging his jeans and boxers off, tossing them all aside.

Crawling closer she takes his throbbing dick into her mouth, running her tongue along the underside as she takes it deeply into her throat. He moans loudly as she swallows him to the hilt, Kayla looks up to see the expression on John’s face. Eyes twinkling she starts to suck lightly as she runs her tongue over his hard sweet cock. Feeling him slide his hands
into her hair she increases the pressure and is now vigorously sucking on his dick. She moans as she feels it twitch in response to her attentions. Kayla begins to caress John’s balls,
tickling them with her fingertips, enjoying the feel of them as they tighten in response to the caresses. She slowly slides her other hand up and over his hips and across his stomach, up his ribcage until reaching his nipple. She begins to run her fingertip around it, feeling it tighten
into a hard little nub. Gently tweaking until she hears John’s low moan of pleasure. Riding his cock with her mouth, she continues to lavish attention onto the hot pulsing rod. Enjoying herself as she slides it in and out of her sucking mouth, and running her tongue along the underside and across the head as she increases the pressure. Changing pace, she begins to stroke his dick with her hand as she concentrates just on the head. Running her tongue slowly around the tip, she begins to tease him. Kayla lightly locks her lips around
the head and slowly taking half of it into her mouth before retreating to the tip. The change in pressure and the teasing touches causes John to groan. He grabs her hair as she teases him, wanting her to take it all the way into her throat again. Suddenly she swallows him deeply into her throat, relaxing and flexing the muscles of her throat to accommodate his size, causing John to gasp and moan loudly. Kayla keeps his burning dick buried deeply in her throat as she continues to milk his cock. Purring as she tastes the pre-cum oozing
from the tip.

She continues to suck and lick on his dick, never tiring. Bringing John right to the brink of cumming then backing off over and over. Starting to lose control, his hips are jerking in a matching rhythm to her movements, fucking
her mouth from underneath. Steadily increasing the pressure and movement she takes him to the edge again and this time lowers her mouth all the way down onto the shaft, sliding him further back into her throat than he has ever been and
this forces him over the edge. Grabbing her hair with both hands he holds her in position as he starts to cum. Groaning and gasping for air as his rock hard dick twitches and spasms in her mouth, sending shot after shots of yummy cum into her mouth and throat. Moaning loudly at the feel and taste of him cumming she flexes her throat milking his cock of all of its tasty load. Swallowing every single drop, she sucks and licks on the head enjoying the last trickle of cum oozing from the slit. Feeling him begin to soften just slightly, she continues to gently clean and nibble on his now extremely sensitive
cock. John shivers slightly as she runs the very tip of her tongue along the underside of the shaft to the head, and then just below the base of the head where it is most sensitive.

Releasing his grip on her hair he tries to pull her onto the bed, but Kayla just swats his hands away and continues to focus her attention on his slightly softened penis. Lowering her head slightly she thoroughly cleans and massages his
balls with her tongue, gently sucking them into her mouth. Blowing air on them and giggling when the skin tightens slightly, triggering another shudder from John. Running her tongue slowly over the entire surface of his thick cock, she then gently sucks it back into her mouth and nurses on it. Kayla moans loudly as she feels John’s delicious dick hardening again.

Reaching into her pocket she removes a condom. After tearing open the pack she places her lips around the condom and lowers her head back onto his cock, unrolling the condom with pressure from her lips as she takes him deeply into her throat once more. Watching his face she sees a look of astonishment at what she had just done. Smiling, Kayla stands and begins to remove her shorts, after a few seconds she is standing
in front of him wearing just a black bra. Moving to the bed she climbs on and quickly straddles his hips, reaching between them she grabs a hold of his cock and slowly slides it up and down the slit of her steaming pussy. John groans at the feel of the heat coming from her moist pink folds.

Jerking his hips he tries to enter her, but holding tightly onto his dick she avoids being penetrated by the thrust but feels the pressure from it against her throbbing clit. Moaning softly, she continues to tease herself with his
cock. Then ever so slowly she starts to lower herself onto it, slowly impaling herself. She feels his hardness stretching her sensitive muscles to accommodate him as he slides further
into her. Rotating her hips as she continues to slowly lower herself on to him. Crying out as she feels the final inch slip into her bringing her clit into contact with his pubic hair. Kayla rocks her hips back and forth groaning in ecstasy as the rough hair rubs against her clit sending little shivers through her entire body.

Tightening and releasing her cunt muscles Kayla begins to raise and lower her body, fucking herself with John’s hot throbbing cock. She grinds her hips against his as she lowers her cunt completely down onto his dick, a loud moan
escape from her lips. He feels her cunt muscles tighten around his shaft and feels how wet she has become. Placing his hands on her hips he begins to fuck her snatch from below. She is extremely hot and wet. She begins to move faster raising herself until just the tip remains inside then rotating her hips, before impaling her burning pussy onto him.

John raises himself until he is sitting with her still on his cock and begins to nibble on the exposed portion of her breasts. Reaching behind her he unhooks her bra and slides the straps down her arms allowing her breasts to tumble
free. Tossing the bra aside his flicks his tongue against one of her nipples, feeling her cunt muscles clench as the nipple hardens. Biting her lips to keep from crying out, Kayla places her hands on his shoulders and continues to fuck herself with his joy rod as he teases her nipple. Enjoying the feel of his hardness inside her, as it brushes against her g-spot with every thrust. Sucking her nipple fully
into his mouth, John begins nibbling on the sensitive flesh. Placing a hand against the back of his head, Kayla holds him to her as the beginnings of a climax race through her
body. She begins thrusting against him as the climax builds, crying out in pleasure as she cums. She feels the spasms of the orgasm racking her body as she clawing his shoulder and her pussy muscles clenching in response. She gasps
for breath and shudders as the climax begins to ebb. Slowly coming back to reality she purrs in satisfaction.

Wrapping his arms around her, they shift until she is lying on the bed and he is leaning over her, never breaking the intimate contact. John begins to thrust deeply into her as she rocks against him in perfect rhythm. Alternating his thrust from hard and fast to slow and deep, he starts another orgasm building quickly for both of them. Raising her legs until she is bent in half, forcing her cunt into a sharper angle he increases the speed and depth of his thrust.
This position having made her pussy even tighter she can revel in every inch of him as he continues to fuck her with long hard strokes, seemingly going deeper with every thrust. Putting her arms around his waist and grabbing him by the ass she encourages him even deeper.

Thrusting deeper and faster into her, John feels her cunt muscles twitching and starting to spasm as she quickly approaches another climax. Kayla’s moans and tightness is pushing John toward his own climax much faster than he
would have thought. Slowing his thrusts and rotating his hips John forces direct contact with her g-spot with every movement. She is starting to whimper, as her orgasm remains
elusive. Rocking his hips as he continues to rotate them in a circular motion and plunge fully into her, finally forcing her over the edge of the abyss. Digging her nails into his firm hips to hold him against her, she cries out
in ecstasy. Rocking herself against him as pleasure shoots through her body she moans and gasps as the orgasm continues.

Feeling the effects of the climax on her body and hearing her cries of pleasure force John over the edge as well. Slamming into her one last time, he begins to cum. Grasping her tightly to him and burying himself deeply inside her as his entire body shakes with the force of the orgasm. They buck and rock against each other moaning as they ride out the remaining
waves of their own orgasms. After calming down John collapses next to her on the bed and closes his eyes, trying to regain control of his breathing. Meanwhile, Kayla stretches and purrs like a sated kitten. Relaxing next to each other
for a while, quiet with their own thoughts.

After a few minutes, Kayla lowers her hand to her clit and lightly caresses it, moaning as she does so. Hearing this John opens his eyes to watch her. Sensing his gaze on her she slips a finger inside her tender well, fucked snatch.
Soaking her finger in her own cum to moisten it, she then begins to tease her slit with it. Sliding her finger around the edge of her clit, not quite touching it, she wiggles and moans in pleasure. John rolls onto his side and raises
himself up on his elbow to get a better view.

Seeing his interest she spins around on the bed so his face is near her swollen, moist cunt, allowing him an even better close-up view of
her manipulations. Circling her clit she causes it to swell, begging for attention. Slipping two fingers slightly inside herself she moistens the fingertips and begins to rub the across her clit. She had forgotten that he had a desire to watch, however remembering this encourages her to continue. Applying a gently pressure to her clit she rotates her fingers on top of it causing her body to shiver as she moans from the torment. Watching him watching her, Kayla feels her orgasm start to build. Pinching her nipples
with the other hand she starts to squirm. She has never been as turned on by the thought of being watched as she is by this. She can feel her juices flowing and she is surprised. She
just experienced two very hard orgasms, and yet there is another waiting to make and appearance. Groaning and whimpering loudly she increases the pressure and speed of her finger movements, occasionally slipping them inside her hot,
soaking wet hole for moisture. She cries out in pleasure as she feels John’s finger slip inside her. After pumping his digit inside her almost steaming snatch for a few minutes he slowly inserts another, feeling her muscles clamp around them he begins to finger fuck her. Groaning she grabs his hand from her cunt and brings his fingers to her lips and sucks on them greedily, tasting her pussy juice on his skin.

Leaning closer John flicks his tongue across her clit, causing her gasp as sparks of pleasure shoot through her. Arching her back, and moaning she encourages him closer. He takes her cit between his lips and gently sucks and licks
on it. She is now writhing. Pulling his fingers from her mouth he pinches her nipple and then starts to finger fuck her again. He is now fingering her harder and harder as he nibbles on her clit until he has her wiggling all over the
bed. She flicks her tongue across the head of his dick which is now level with her mouth, pleased to notice that it is still extremely hard. Pulling away from her, he rolls her onto her stomach and spreads her legs. Turning to kneel behind her he raises her hips slightly and bends for another taste. Shoving back against him, she feels his tongue teasing her pussy lips and clit.

Reaching onto the floor to grab her shorts, she tosses him another condom and watches as he puts it on, thrilled at the size of him. Kayla slightly raises her hips as he straddles her thighs and enters her pussy from behind. As he lies down on her back he begins to move inside her. She raises herself onto her elbows as he slips his hands underneath her to cup her full breasts. John begins nibbling and sucking on her
neck and shoulder as he increases the power of his thrusts. Rocking back against him she is powerless. Whimpering as her orgasm builds. Her nipples are as hard as little pebbles being caressed by his hands, and her clit as rubbing against the blankets with every thrust. Forcing her muscles to tighten even further she rotates her hips slightly against his thrusts. Groaning, he starts biting her neck and shoulders a little harder, making her buck even more. Suddenly she
is crying out as her orgasm hits her, making her jerk in response to it. Feeling this John increases the power behind him thrusts and arches his back as he plunges into her and starts to cum, crying out at the intensity of his climax. Ferociously pumping his cock into her as he cums. He collapses onto her back as her cunt muscles continue to work on milking him
cock dry. They lay there still tied together as they slowly regain their senses. Feeling his cock shrinking slightly, he twists and falls onto the bed next to her.

After a few minutes Kayla climbs from the bed and begins to get dressed. Leaning over she kisses him lightly on the mouth. “Thanks, I needed that. It had been a rough day. I’ll lock the door on my way out”, she says and walks for the room. A minute later he hears the front door shut and her car start as she begins to drive away.

John closes his eyes and smiles, "Ummmm", he moans softly, "God, I love it when she has a rough day." Still tingling from the aftermath, he dozes off into a sated sleep.

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5/2/2005 11:08 am

OMG!!! You don't miss a detail do you!! For your sake, I hope this was a true story ....

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