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Linha28 38F
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8/5/2006 12:05 pm

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Sugar Mama/Daddy

There's a question that is always on my mind: Should you be rewarded because you are attractive?

I'm considered to be attractive by others standards and I've had things offered to me because I'm so "pretty". What I don't understand is why. I had nothing to do with it. The most makeup I wear on a daily basis is chapstick and eyeliner...that's all I'm wearing on my face in the pictures on my profile...I feel no need to paint my face, stick my breasts in a push up bra and wear uncomfortable bunion producing high heels to have some "realize" that I'm attractive. I'm more pretty on the inside than I am on the outside...but I am also realistic and understand that the world we live in doesn't judge you from the kindness in your heart or ablilities but from what they see on the outside.

I've smiled my way out of speeding tickets (and my accent seems to help too, lol)...I've been allowed to go ahead to the front of the line and some let me cut in front of them at the grocery store even though I have many more items than they do...I've been given discounts and things for free because the sales representative thought I was so beautiful. Once I rented a car for 5 days and only had to pay for 1 day. I've had credits transfered in college for classes I haven't taken.

It can be feel quite flattering that "beauty", something I can't control or had no part in, can be make people do things they wouldn't normally do. But it bothers me that they wouldn't extend the same favors for those who they consider arent so attractive. Please do not think I just accept these things all of the time...most of the time I refuse them (except for the college transfer credits). My husband says there is no harm in accepting help or kindness from another person because I have worked so hard in life and have been "shafted" and this way it balances things out a little. He's right on some aspects but for me I would just like for everyone to be treated the same regardless of what is displayed on the outside.

I melt in your mouth and your hands ~Linha

can_u_tameme2day 39M
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8/5/2006 1:28 pm

Until now I've never bothered about not being amongst the beautiful crowd but damn I didn't know how much it was costing me in life. Next time I need to go food shopping can I drag you along too? I like the idea of getting home quicker.
In all seriousness, its a nice idea everyone getting treated the same unfortunately its never going to happen.
Now I wonder if I slowed my talking speed I could use my Scottish accent to get me things for free. One way to find out!

T_A_B_75 41M

8/6/2006 4:50 pm

It's hard to disagree that people shouldn't get things because they are good looking. I get a lot of benefits because of who I know and my abilities. Is that different?


9/8/2006 8:45 am

us(lol) atractive people always get rewarded 4 being attractive.....but we also can be hated also because sum women will think cuz they were nice to me i should screw them.....excuse me 4 having standards

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