The Egyptian  

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The Egyptian

She was at a party for the "foreigners", the people living in Japan that were not actually Japanese. She leaned up against the wall, and as she did so, the pocket corner of her shirt pressed against her sweater, making it look like her nipple was strongly pressing against her sweater. Unknown to her, an Egyptian "foreigner" was watching her and was very intrigued by the bulge against her sweater.
The Egyptian man was tall, and dark, with glasses, and an "afro". He came towards her, making her gasp, as he was so much taller than her, and was very much interested in her. She noticed that his eyes kept wandering over her bustline. His eyes never left for long and soon he was speaking to her....
She had never met anyone from Egypt before, and so she was intimidated by the good looks and tallness of the man. She leaned against the wall, in part to try to put space between herself and the stranger, and in part because she was feeling weak in the knees. As he spoke to her, asking her name, where she lived, and how long she was there for, she was trying to breathe and trying to be levelheaded. This man was speaking to her within inches of her face.
After their brief conversation she felt undressed. She felt he had seen past her clothes to see her nakedness underneath. She tried to regain her composure, but her eyes followed the handsome man whereever he went in the room. When the party was over, the man came to her once again. He needed a ride to his apartment and would she please be so kind as to take him there in her little toyota corolla car.
Not really sure why, she did offer her car to him. The handsome man sat within inches of her in the little car. He was looking at her body with every word he spoke.
As they arrived at his apartment, she didn't know what would happen next. He leaned towards her and lightly kissed her lips. He then touched them with his fingertip and commented on their fullness and how hot her lips were. She was without words to say and only bid him a good evening. She watched him walk smoothly up the stairs to his apartment and wondered what had just happenned.
The next evening she received a phone call from the handsome man, and as they talked, he mentioned it would be nice to go out. Again the girl fell under his spell and agreed to see him. As he didn't have a car, could she please come and get him. Of course, she did offer to go pick him up, and later that night she again found herself within inches of him.
After a pleasant meal together, they returned to his apartment. He invited her up to his room. Even knowing how foolish it was to agree, she went with him. She followed his smooth footsteps up the stairs and down the balcony to his small apartment. Her heart was beating so fast it was nearly escaping her chest. She knew this was going to be a life changing event for her.
He waited at the door and asked her to use the key for him. As she took the key, he pressed up against her. She felt his hard body against hers and she felt all strength leaving her. He kissed her again. By this time, she knew what was happenning and if she was going to leave, that she better go now.
She put the key in the door. His hand covered hers and the door openned to a small, 2 room Japanese apartment. She changed her mind about staying when she saw the inviting bed within several feet of her. It was the main focus of the apartment. She turned and tried to go back out the door but he again pressed her against the door. He told her he knew why she was there. She was not fooling anyone. He turned her around and kissed her with more passion than before and pressed his hardness between her legs. She felt the strength of the man. She felt his breath on her neck. She knew she could not leave, even if she wanted to.
She returned his kiss. As he held her in his arms she knew that she would be his that night. He undressed her, savouring the time. His gentle hands hid the strength she had just witnessed. Together they laid on the bed. Yes, they made sweet love, and yes, the girl was me. The strong handsome man from Egypt was my lover for 2 very intense weeks. I never forgot him and probably never will...

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Nice story. Those lips.

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