SEX in the Park  

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SEX in the Park

I went about my day, that day in Japan so long ago, and never realised how momentous any of it was. I would teach 15 classes of English a week.
Mostly I drove there in my little Toyota Corolla car. It rained every day, and my windows were nearly always covered in mist. I got lost nearly every day of the week, but not so lost that I couldn't find my apartment again.

I taught English at a Men's Marine college a few times a week. Every time I was there, the men would try to see under my skirt. I couldn't understand what they were talking about amongst themselves, but usually I would hear a snicker or two. I would turn from the blackboard and find some guy trying to look under my skirt.
But I digress...

One day after teaching my classes, the Egyptian phoned me and demanded that I pick him up and that we go for supper. He always said he would tell my superiors.. or he would hurt me, if I didn't agree to what he wanted. So, of course, being the innocent I was at that time, I did whatever he asked.

We went for a nice meal and then we went for a drive around the city. I wanted to explore the city and find the tourist places, and I was more confident with someone with me to help me find my way home again. So I found myself driving around with the Egyptian by my side.

We found a nice park on a map, and set out to see the sites. We drove up the hill on the sidewalk they called a road. It was all hairpin curves to the top of the very high hill. There were trees and bushes, green grass.. all the normal stuff. We got to the top, and parked the car. It became dark while we walked to the top of the hill where the car could not go. I was, of course, a bit afraid to be with him alone.

The site took my breath away..We were looking down at a city of 300,000 lights, at least. We sat under a stone archway, on a stone bench, and just enjoyed the view. My "friend" enjoyed the view but wanted to enjoy ME more. We walked around to another stone bench further back in the park and he told me to lay down on it. I did. He made my head hang off the edge and well you know what happenned next. He pulled my skirt up. He pulled my panties down, and he fucked me without any regard to my pleasure at all. And he threatenned to use a tree branch to whip me if I didn't go along with it.

I'm not sure why I didnt get any disease.. because he was doing this with other women at the same time that he was seeing me. I didn't get pregnant either, even though we used no protection at all.

Of course, after that, I had to drive back down the mountain with him in the car. We went back to my apartment, to clean up, and then I took him back to his place. Looking back at how it all went, I can't believe that I simply went along with everything he wanted. I sure would not do that now.

They say experience is the best teacher....

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