My first Dom  

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1/3/2006 9:02 am

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My first Dom

Someone told me that he is looking forward to hearing more about my sexual exploits. Maybe I will endulge him somewhat.
I was a good little woman for many years, until the year 2000 actually. I suddenly realised that if i was going to have any fun in life it would have to be because I decided to, not because someone was going to give me a fun life on a platter.
I started writing to a man in Edmonton. He slowly introduced me to the Dom/sub lifestyle without really telling me that he was doing that. I met him and we had a fantastic first time together. He explored my body like no man has done before, and he was an awesome person. I saw him every night for a week and then I had to toodle off back home again. I had a good reasons to go up there again the next month, so I went again and he again taught me more things. I saw him every month for a week at a time.
Then Christmas came and his father died. He had to be there with his dad in the final hours and I didnt get to see my Dom for a few months. He was very manly, very in control, very calm and oh so sexy. For a first time out of my cozy nest at home, I didnt do too badly by meeting this man.
It got harder to find reasons to go up to Edmonton and I had a harder time going to meet him. The last time I saw him, I met him in a fancy hotel suite. He tied me to his queen sized bed, and played with my body making me feel the best I had ever felt. He whispered words like Master.. and Sub in my ear. Since then I've learned the true meanings of those words but at that point it was like a whole new world to me. I met that man for about a year in total. It was sad how it ended though. He had found a cute little buxom blonde female person that apparently could orgasm over and over and over.. and over.. Well, you get the picture....
There's been no one like him in my life since then. I'm still trying to figure out why sometimes guys think that things will end by themselves. Does the man think that "if I ignor the other person she'll just go away" sad...
My life continued on..and I'm ok. That was 6 years ago now. I met other men, some handsome, some not.. Some were great people, some were not. I didn't sleep with them all, rest assured. Meeting a person is not the same thing as sleeping with
I'm still ever hopeful of finding another man like this first man was. Maybe I would improve the ending to this.."And they lived happily ever after"

peguiz 60M

5/10/2006 11:11 pm

You are so right...meeting a person is not the same as sleeping with them.....and I know what you mean about being ignored.... almost forgotten and shunned by someone who was very important in a way you can't describe to many if has happened to me and it has left me hurt ....I too am looking for a woman like the woman who was so perfect and simply " disappeared" and replaced me with another.....Funny goes on....but at times, fool that I am, I still am hopeful of finding another woman like her and improving my ending with "they lived happily ever after....."
Thought this deserved a comment had meaning for me...i can relate.....

Linds1957 59F

5/11/2006 8:46 am

thankyou Pequiz... I dont understand people that don't say goodbye and think they can just fade away... It's unfair to both...

peguiz 60M

5/11/2006 10:26 pm

Thanks for the reply Linds. i am not sure if it is unfair to my case, the other person simply went on with missing a heartbeat while I was left pathetically shattered inside. I am not sure how someone you think of having a connection with can simply dispose of you...anyway maybe my perception of the reality of relationships is obviously needed to be broadened....and some people do see others as just a commodity....something that can be used and replaced......ohhh....I am sounding bitter....but I am not....just yet still a bit puzzled and unsure of where and how things can change....anyway I better give this a rest......thank god you learn from your experiences and mistakes.

By the way I think in your case your "first dom" was the one who lost the most in how this relationship ended....

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