Is less Black.. ..Grey?  

Linds1957 59F
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2/1/2006 10:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Is less Black.. ..Grey?

I made it through February 1st. Now my daughter in Calgary is stressing out because she only has 2 weeks to get all her assignments done and then she graduates from university. She starts a stressful new job tommorrow. and..Her apartment also seems to have no heat control and is very warm all the time. Also, the water keeps quitting..Maybe I can persuade the manager to fix the apartment...I'm going up there anyways, if only to get some warm hugs for me.
I feel like February is going to drag on and on and on.. and on.. and on...
I'm not as depressed now as I was nearly 24 hours ago...Black fades to Grey.. Grey fades to White...
My heart and soul need some repairing..

timberwolf6972 44M

2/2/2006 12:15 am

Talk to the local housing authority if there is one or a building inspector if they give you too much grief over fixing those things.You would think that when you pay good money for a place to stay that everything should work like it is supposed to.

F1reman6969 49M

2/2/2006 12:50 am

a warm bath and some beeswax candles.
a gentle lover to come from the night to ease you into bed and rest your head on the pillow.
warm, moist kisses.
a soft touch from a firm hand tantalizes your body.
more kisses.
he lays beside you and spoons.
he holds you tight against him as your bodies meld.
you fall fast asleep.

Linds1957 59F

2/2/2006 7:29 am

yes...I agree with you, Timberwolf...I hope something can be done soon to fix up that place...

rm_xxx1on1xxx 63M

2/4/2006 4:26 pm

I am a handy guy......can fix many things....pipes included.....just let me know when ya need ya pipes cleaned..and I'm there for you...*winks*

Linds1957 59F

2/4/2006 7:38 pm

F1reman6969 that sounds wonderful.. and so restfull..mmmmm

Linds1957 59F

2/4/2006 10:35 pm

thanks xxx.. glad to know that...
hugs and smooches

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