Going Deep  

Linds1957 59F
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9/4/2006 6:45 am

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9/4/2006 5:17 pm

Going Deep

Clear skies, cold this morning but it's supposed to get to 30 degrees celcius today.

We're out of catfood, so I have to go to the city and get some (plural) big bags of cat food. They're voracious eaters but they aren't getting fat. We haven't seen any mice lately, but when we bring the bales home, the cats will have a new activity to keep them busy. The mice will ride in on the bales and jump off, not knowing the fate that awaits them.

Sometimes we do that same thing. We're on the ride of a lifetime. We don't know what fate awaits us. I guess it's up to us to have the ride of a lifetime until we find out the surprise at the end. I hope it's a good surprise.

I've been reading alot about setting goals for ourselves, and about having a plan for each day. I read that we're not just supposed to let life happen to us, that is, if we want to be happy. I think I've been in survival mode for awhile now. Just trying to get through each day, trying to make the most of each day. But, I've been letting the days happen, not really planning to make the most of them. I read that if we fail to plan, then we plan to fail...Kind of not an optimistic thing.

So, I guess even if it's small goals, and small plans, that's better than no plans, and no goals. I need to "leap off" and see what happens...But then, one of my friends said, if you are going to jump into the swimming pool, make sure there's water in there first...lol

Does any of this make any sense...?
Where does the courage come from to make changes in one's life??
How do you really know what's the right thing???

Kinda deep for a Monday...
Have a great day.. make plans and set some goals..


slowhand208 65M
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9/4/2006 1:58 pm

Life doesn't always make sense.It seems you could probably use a nice massage.

chas4037 67M
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9/4/2006 4:12 pm

Your friend is right about making sure the water is in the pool before leaping in. And it is wise too to check for sharks and such, Linds. But too much caution will freeze you in place. A story, and maybe a moral at the end:

I've got an aunt, 91 years old, kind of an old maid but not really. She married right after WW2, like all those women of that generation, and had a child right away (again, they all did, hence the baby boom) but it turns out Hubby was wacko. He was gone before the child was even born, and never came back. (and don't know, was it post traumatic stress syndrome, or bi-polar, or who-knows-what?)

Anyway, this aunt did what she had to do, she raised her child alone and was terribly protective of that child. (who is not only one of my cousins, but also one of my best friends) The child (my age) has never been on an airplane and never been more than 500 miles from where he started out. And while he's very bright and talented, he'll never get over being in a small town in the middle of nowhere (ok, upstate NY is maybe not Alberta, but it sure is NOT the Big Apple either).

That is the story about too much caution. Moral? You figure out your own moral, Linds. But go back to what your friend told you: LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP. Sometimes the leap is necessary, but know what you're leaping into.

And a second story: I'm divorced, been so for some time now. I never once worried, once I knew I was not going to stay with her forever (waited till all the kids were grown, etc). I knew that I was not leaving for someone else, and not leaving because I expected better things in life. I was leaving because I could no longer deal with her. (and that, Linds, is a long sad tale of its own) I was not worried as I knew that even if I ended up alone for the rest of my life, I was better off than staying behind with her in a hateful relationship.

So, moral? I'd looked and done the mental calculations to have a good prediction of my future happiness. ALL UP POTENTIAL. IF I'd been leaving to go with someone else, while there would have been upside potential, there was also substantial downside risk. IF the new lady had not turned out to be so perfect after all, MAJOR downside risk, in fact. As the old joke in the rest room wall says, "No matter how hot she is, someone else is already sick of her shit!"

And, Linds, maybe Slowhand is right even more than I; all you need is a good relaxing message prior to a good session of lovemaking. In that case, forget my stories and morals.

YOU take care

Linds1957 59F

9/4/2006 5:17 pm

thanks Slowhand.. and when will you be coming over???

Chas.. i've been away from here.. to Japan and back.. and lived in the big city.. and now i'm in Nowhere, alberta...The trick is to evaluate what you're jumping out of.. and what you're about to jump into..Personally I feel like it's running from.. then stopping.. and wandering into the future.. I need to have actual goals...and things I want to do.. and accomplish.. What is MY potential....

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