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Linds1957 59F
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2/24/2006 8:24 am

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3/15/2006 8:04 am

Fur in the Snow Pic

My world is covered in fluffy white snow this morning. It's quiet outside. No birds chirping.. No sounds...It's kind of surreal. Not even the distant thundering of a train on the tracks. It's truly beautiful outside.

My dog did bark one time, to let me know that noone put her inside last night. Noone fed her. So I immediately fed my poor dog.

Wondering where I can get a fake fur outfit.. fake fur bra.. fake fur panty..fake fur hat and those boots with the furry pompoms.. Then I could pretend I'm a playboy model and hide behind a tree, peek out, and get someone to take my picture. (Just an idle fantasy I have) I used to have the actual picture of the model but I can't find it anymore.

rm_FreddyNG69 59M
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2/24/2006 8:30 am

The problem with the fur panties is that most are made cheap, they molt, and the little hairs can get caught in the back of your throat.

Linds1957 59F

2/24/2006 9:16 am

ok.. i'll try not to get the cheapest pair...LOL

maria1959 57F

2/25/2006 7:17 am

Funny Linds I want one of them outfitts to, Cute...

rm_BIGGIN466 42M
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3/15/2006 12:36 am

I wood make love to you until you begged me to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BIGGIN466 PS. IWOULD SATISFY YOU IN MORE THAN YOU COULD IMAGINE, IALSO THINK THAT YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL.i PRMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linds1957 59F

3/15/2006 8:04 am

thanks biggin.. Mmmmm...

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