Bouncy Position  

Linds1957 59F
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6/3/2006 1:12 pm

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6/4/2006 9:32 pm

Bouncy Position

Yes.. there's more positions.. oh ye of little faith

I want to do this position.. sooner.. not later...

preferably with someone I care about...
Where is my Knight in Shining Armour??

rm_blue061245 71M
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6/3/2006 2:57 pm

This one can be very satisfying for both. She can get herself into position where everything touches just right.

And then after a little cuddle, we can roll over and try another position, and I know just the one to use.

multitasksextoy 59M  
3511 posts
6/3/2006 5:45 pm

Pick me,pick me!!!Oh well it was worth a try,very enjoyable postion and you can switch to several other position very easily.

JustExploring96 47M

6/4/2006 12:17 am

I'm in full agreement! Most Enjoyable!

campfirecozy 67M

6/4/2006 3:35 am

I agree completely...she is in control and the visual stimulation for him is mind blowing...there's little to match the sight and sound of an eruption that comes as a result of wild gyrations at orgasm in this position. (is it getting warm in here?)

I could do charts and graphs...but this is better taught in a comfy lab setting.


Linds1957 59F

6/4/2006 8:20 am

Blue uh-huh.. i totally agree...

rawhide better luck next

Libby.. you're in good company.. alot of us like that position

Just.. good to see you again!!

Cozy.. i agree.. charts and graphs just dont do it for ya..

rm_JoeyD1214 60M
398 posts
6/4/2006 5:58 pm

My favorite position! I call it cowgirl style cause it lets the lady ride any way she likes! Would love for you to ride me - I got a cowgirl hat for you!

Linds1957 59F

6/4/2006 6:37 pm

joey.. is it pink, i only wear pink cowgirl hats...

rm_JoeyD1214 60M
398 posts
6/4/2006 6:50 pm

For you I will get you a pink one, but you are going to need a strap to make sure that it stays on! happym;

Linds1957 59F

6/4/2006 9:32 pm


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