A Wench's Memory  

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1/24/2006 9:30 am

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A Wench's Memory

AS I was looking for a pic for the last post I managed to get very turned on. A memory surfaced of a long time ago.

I was tired and lonely
He looked at me with caring and lust.
I showered and hugged my lover,
He caressed my body and kissed me softly.

He laid me on the bed.
He massaged my back and massaged the day away.
His fingers found my most private places.
He awakened my lust.

He turned me over.
I suddenly wanted to please him.
I stroked his body with care.
He aroused my inner private desires.

His mouth found what he was searching for
My body desired release!!
His fingers found the inner sanctum
My body arched in response.

His pleasure was to see my pleasure.
His love brought about my release.
My response was to his caring.
My orgasm a reward that was his.

My body was at peace and happy
I snuggled deeply in his arms
He kissed my neck and held me
and let me have sweet dreams.

His release would be another day.
He only cared for me.
My caring for him was deepenned....
Tommorrow we would meet his needs.

rm_leththrob 62M
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1/24/2006 1:43 pm

I love the way you write it is very erotic, makes one want to be there .... well actually feels like you are there.
Thanks for the image I love it.

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