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6/13/2006 6:53 am

Sorry I drifted off to sleep and left you in the middle of my story. I was telling you how I met Tina that's her name in case I didn't mention it before. My hands are a little sore from the bindings and my legs are starting to tingle too. I stil have the mask over my face and I am not sure when they will come and get me.

Well, anyway, we had sex that night and every other night for the next 3 months. I was intoxicated by Tina her breasts her eyes her tasty bud on her pussy. I rarely washed my hands anymore because I wanted her smell on me all the time. I couldn't wait to have her again. To tell you how I got here. Tina told me she had a surprise for me and that I should wear something super sexy that night when we went out. I was a little surprised, but very excited. She told me that she would pick me up around ten or ten thirty. That night I ran my sweaty palms down my short red dress that clung to every curve I had. I had picked up a year ago but had never realy had an occasion to wear it. It was very tight on my body and fell just abover the middle of my thigh. I loved the way it felt soft like silk but it was shiny like satin. The dress was a halter dress and wrapped around my neck and slid down my breasts and caressed every curve I had on my body. I pulled my hair up and only put on the barest hint of make-up. I loved what I saw in the mirror and couldn't wait for Tina to come. After what seemed like hours to me she pulled up in her dark black Porche and honked her horn for me to come out. I walked out of my apartment and slid into the plush leather seats. I kissed Tina's soft pouty lips and we started to drive off.

"Where are we going?", I asked, "Did I dress okay?"
"You look beautiful baby." , she said as she ran on of her hands up my thigh and touched the lips of my already wet pussy. "You are going to love where I'm taking you."
We pulled up to a large mansion the place was classy and beautiful and seemed very plush. I couldn't wait to see what it looked like on the inside. I had never even been in a four star hotel this place looked like a dream or rather a fantasy come true. We walked up the large stone stairway and knocked on the huge mahogany doors. Who I presumed was a maid came to open the door for us and led us into the main room. As she walked her short tight maid uniform kept peaking over her bare bottom and you could see she had no underwear on. I, to say the least was intrigued. I looked at Tina with a question in my eyes and her smile told me she was enjoying my curiosity. Before we entered the main room the "maid" handed us two simple masks and told us to put them on. She opened the doors and the room took my breath away. It was the most elegant room I had ever seen! The floors were marble inlay with elaborate designs in them there was a large stone fireplace and the ceilings were so high I thought even a giant would have standing room in here. There were gatherings of people everywhere. It had to have been at least fifty to seventy-five people in the room all in sexy clothing. The women were in either short dresses or lingerire or some had nothing on at all. The men had on either suits or leather pants or they too were naked! I had never seen a party like that. Everyone was talking in groups and had champagne glasses in their hands or a mixed drink or were eating form the various trays that were floating around the room by servers dressed in virtually nothing at all with just small patches to cover they're private parts.
Tina leaned over to me and told me that everyone here was a member of the club even the servers and that every few months they have a formal meeting to reaquaint themselves with each other. There were other smaller meetings every week at various people's houses or apartments but that this was for the whole group. I stared at her a little dumbfounded. I asked her why did we have to wear masks and she told me that there were a lot of powerful people in this room and that this way there would be no uncomfortable situations arising at our parties if no one could completely identify one another plus the animinoty of it was exciting for everyone.

Tina took my hand and started around the room in conversation. I noticed that both the men and women looked at me with a mix of curiosity and sexual prowess. I was both flattered and bewildered at the same time. As the party progressed and I had had some time to talk with the people there I became more relaxed. Suddenly at the stroke of midnight everyone began walking out to the patio outside. I followed wondering what was going to happen. Outside I saw a woman tied to a bed hands bound feet spread and bound to the bed. She had on a blindfold and was completely naked. Her long brown hair flowed down the sides of her body stopping just below the middle of her back. She squirmed in her bound position but didn't look afraid. There was a tall man on the side of the bed he was aobut six foot four and was nothing but muscle. He had only a long cermonial robe on and as we gathered around the bed he slowly started to run his hands up the woman's body. First her legs and thighs then to her flat stomach. He ran his hands to her full breasts and pulled her nipples and then he ran his hands up to her neck and then her lips then back down again to her feet making different trails up and down her body with his hands. I watched her body buck and squirm with his touch I heard the passion in her voice as she pleaded with him for more. He obliged her with his fingers as he put two beefy fingers inside of her pussy. She moaned and moved her hips forward to meet him. I looked around the crowd and could tell that everyone was enjoying the show. I felt Tina's hand rub up and down my back and then down to my ass. i kept watching the scene in front of me as the man pulled his fingers out of her and replaced them with his tongue. Her legs spread open wider and I could see she had a lot of mobility with her legs. As he expertly ate her soft moist pussy he dirobed and his body was glistening in the moonlight and the size of his cock was unbeleivable! He was at least ten and a half inches and three inches in girth he opened her legs and entered her body rocking her back and forth onto his dick until he had fit himself completely inside of her. The room fell silent except for the moans and whimpers from the bound woman and when he pulled out of her to shoot his load into her waiting mouth I licked my lips wanting a little for myslef. And that's when it began. The men and women of the party began to emerge onto the woman in mass. There were hands touching every part of her body fingers inserted in every available hole. Her body bucked to meet every one of them and those that couldn't touch her touched the person closest to them there was the sounds of moans and groans everywhere. But no one touched me or Tina that night I just watched and she watched with me. Around three o'clock that morning Tina took my hand and took me home. We sat silent in her car for awhile and she smiled at me and kissed my lips and I went home to sleep and think....

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