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Lilly227 51F
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7/3/2005 12:59 pm

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10/28/2006 5:07 pm

Keep Romance Alive

Captian's Log Date: Sunday, July 3, 2005

Late is the hour and still I wait. I wait day dreaming of our last encounter together. My breathing rapid now as I almost sense from memory your soft touch, your strong hands touching my flesh. Wanting me. I draw another breath and sigh. Lately, I become moist at the drop of hat, but catch myself because my desire is of you and I wait for you to come to me.

Another distraction is what I crave.

Today, perhaps I will turn my passion to the sea.
I'm a sunseeker, romantic at heart, running into the West, searching for well that special someone, at least for the moment.

rm_nonny34 51M

7/5/2005 12:54 pm

Have you caught your breath Lilly? The sea calls us all. The sun, the waves, the sound, the smells, all call me. I spent the weekend in Venice, wondering, wishing for someone to share it with.

Your prose is good, your words speak well, my mind flutters as your image races across my eyes.

Lilly227 51F

7/6/2005 7:43 pm

So, you get it nonny34!
Your words are a pleasure to read as well. I hope you had an enjoyable, sexually satisfying July 4th. Good company and good weather here in sunny California. What more could a person ask for?

rm_nonny34 51M

7/6/2005 9:20 pm


How beautiful your words. They sing out, reach out, asking, demanding attention. There is only but one pleasure, that is to share and enjoy our world, to touch, to smell, to taste what one has to offer. To feel mother nature caress and support us. The waves lap against us, the tinge of salt in the air. The spray fills our senses, intensifing every brush of skin on skin. White hot heat, cool blue ice, water to fire,yes a challenge, an answer that brings more riddles and intrigue as we journey deeper, ever deeper. Etherial lovers ever entwined in the break, wrapped in the scent of sex, trembling to the touch, warm in the embrace, longing for the moment we can eclipse passion and transcend into euphoria. With your breath, I am alive. Here we begin, but the journey never ends. Light and dark, it begins and ends with a kiss. Dance with me?

socalstud3407 36M

7/28/2005 8:37 am

i could not agree more on those words!

funksquad2 57M

8/7/2005 7:56 am

Lilly, very touching words, I felt that, thats very deep. It will be a pleasure to dance with you. You have a talent with words and i have talent with writing music. Lets mix

rm_tushman555 69M
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10/18/2005 10:14 am

Yes, she writes well, but it is the image of her body that takes my breath away -- her dark areola and subtantial nipples. I dream of being between her thighs, doing her service . . lowlover5

rm_excessnergy 66M

10/19/2005 2:14 am

Well, YOU, of course. Rhetorical question, right?

yourpleasing51 56M

8/2/2006 4:17 pm

A true AdultFriendFinder story:

So, I'm at work on a slow thurs. milling about an adult chat room site and a call goes out from the room from a woman with the handle "nutnplay" asking if I was there. I answered I was and asked if could I help her with something? She was very interested in emailing in private adding she really liked my pics and what I was offering in my, discreet pleasure and so on. We emailed back and forth most of the day teasing trying to figure out when we could possibly meet. I was usually reluctant to meet with anyone without a pic (she didn't have one) but she did sound pretty hot from her description. Kind of perfect corporate naughty girl type by the sound of it. I was working in the east bay at the time and she mentioned she worked in the financial district in S.F.. We traded cell numbers and agreed we should meet soon. Well, as I was driving across the bridge I thought I'd try and give the girl (woman...she was 47 yrs. old) a call. When I got off the bridge I gave her a ring and asked where she was. That perhaps we could meet for a drink or go for a walk. She asked where I was and I told here I was heading toward the Hyatt Regency (with the thought in my mind of this interesting place in the building for exhibitionist play I had spotted before...but I hadn't mentioned it to her yet). She said she was right there at the embarcadero Bart station and would love to meet. I told her that I'd call her back on her cell when I was parked and close. When I was within range I called but couldn't find her. She tried to to describe where she was and as I turned there was this very unattractive overweight woman on her cell (not that I mind plumper gals...but she was just plain unattractive) she stepped aside and there stood this gorgeous blond in a smart business suit on her cell phone. She spotted me and I believe we were both very pleased. We gave each other a nice sexy hug and I suggested that we go for a walk. "Perhaps there's a place in there (the hyatt) we could kick back and chat for a bit". She smiled and agreed and said, "lead the way". "Lead the way, oh yeah baby, I'll be doing that" I thought to myself...We entered the Hyatt and took the glass elevator up to the 8th floor... When we got on the elevator there were four or five people on the it. Nutnplay scooted right up against me and took my hand as though we were a couple. "mmm, gamey" I thought. We got to the 8th floor and exited the elevator still holding hands feigning chit chat of "how was your day?", "beautiful weather" on the elevator and laughing about as we got off. As we walked down the corridor, which looked out over the atrium area of the hyatt, toward the big window at the end which looks over the ferry building, I put my arm around her and held her close to me as we walked slowly. Caressing her waist, back, hips, and across her ass as I bent slighty to sniff her neck with a little nibble across it to her ear lobe...squeezing her ass as I arrived there. "What makes this Corporate naughty girl so hot horny today", I asked her as we arrived at the window turning her toward me. Smiling, she began to answer but couldn't finish because I was already pulling her close to me my mouth moving toward hers for a Kiss. A VERY deep passionate kiss. My hands running up her sides gripping around her upper chest tweeking her nipples through her silk blouse with my thumbs, my left hand ran back down to the back of her thigh then grabbing her ass and pulling her pussy onto my thrigh, her beginning a slow grind. We almost lost ourselves right there but we were a little exposed to the hotel. To the right was a vending machine area. About a 10 x 10 space with a service elevator and a door leading to balcony and stairwell. I pulled back from her and said, "Follow me", taking her hand and leading her to the vending area where we turned the corner me pressing her against the wall kissing her feeling her again. She was totally submitting to it. "I have to taste you", I said moving slowly to my knees, un-zipping her pants her grabbing the back of my head. She looked around nervously once, but that was right as I pulled her thong to the side my tongue meeting her clit. She flung her head back then back down at me looking wide eyed. My fingers attempting to move into her pussy as my tongue did nice twirls around her expose full clit. With her pants around her knees it was a bit ackward to service her pussy the way I wanted. I backed up grabbed her hips and flung her around so that she would face the wall...having her arch her ass toward me for me to devour. Which I did. Fully...Long complete licks across her clit, sweet hole and ass. My nose ultimatly in her pussy fingering her clit with my tonuge underneath, my tongue enjoying alternate fuckings of her pussy and ass...Oh what a beautiful ass this woman had. She came hard and long convulsing silently as she could on my face... I stood up pulling her pants up as I rose and told her to follow me again....You see there's much more to this story...Rememeber the door that leads to a balcony which looks over Justin Heman Plaza and the ferry building? More to cum...

rm_DoctorDreamy 39M
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9/28/2006 12:48 am

First, I've never written someone who has their profile set to reject an email from me. I had to write you trhough this medium, I'm sorry. I saw your link on the home page after I logged in and thought, what the hell, I'll look at some nude pics of this beautiful black woman.

And then I read your profile and sat there stunned. Only a woman with a certain quality could write something like that. You obviously have an amazing heart as a foundation for what you feel and an amazing mind to be able to communicate like you did. An amazing face, an amazing body, an amazing heart, an amazing mind. I hope I'm not reading too much into you from the outset. I think some people have the ability to feel what you wrote, but not necessarily the gift to communicate it like you did. I identified with everything you said.

I loved your honesty, your childlike vulnerability, your passion. You may not have an innocence in terms of experience. I'm sure you come with some emotional baggage. But I can tell you have an innocence about your heart. You probably are the type of the girl that loves too hard, even to a fault. It sounds like you have been judged and shamed about your sexuality along the way, mainly from women who wished they had it themselves. I'm glad to see you're not fitting in anyone's box.

I am new to this site and have looked up and down and have found women that I am attracted to, but not interested in. I am interested in you. And I cannot be with somebody that I'm not completely interested in.

I just came out of a tough divorce and so I'm limping a little. I'm not looking for a one night stand nor am I looking for a girlfriend.

I like what you you wrote about people on this site only being able to meet after efforts of what seems to be "espionage".LOL! That's how I feel. However, my heart is hungry for something.

I want to feel something for someone and have them feel something for me as well. It's a great thing to want and be wanted as well. I want to remember what that feels like.

The obvious delimna is that as much as I might like to have something like that with someone, I don't want a serious relationship - mainly because of my kids. I don't want to introduce someone new into their life, at least not for quite some time. They don't need any more change than has happened already. My kids come first.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not sure what I have to offer or if what I have to offer is enough. In fact, I probably can't offer anything beyond a torrid love affair - someone I can find my escape in and who can find their escape in me.

All my life I have always been the good guy and always taken the high road of discipline and self-sacrifice. And as much as I am that in my outward life, I'm looking for somebody that I can just let it all loose with - close the door with, be vulnerable with and know that it's safe.

It's hard for me to describe myself. I'm a very purpose driven man. I'd like to think that I exude a lot of self-confidence without coming across as conceited. Whenever there is a vacuum for leadership, it always seems to find me.

I have forgotten what it is like to want to be vulnerable because you know that your heart's pearls will become their treasures rather than their pennies. And so that is why I am looking - looking for someone my heart can have an affair with.

The reason I have written so much is because it is so difficult for me to find what I am looking for in a woman. I think you have something rare, it has drawn me, adn that's why I have written so much - I don't want to squander the opportunity.

Not to mention, I never been with a black woman and I find them sexy as hell. They just seem to have a rawness and sexuality that white women don't have. I don't know why I haven't been with a black women because they usually fall all over themselves with me for some reason.

I now live and spend most of my time in the Central Valley. I'm from the Oakland, but I don't think distance has to be an issue since I can get away when I want to. Sometimes distance can be a good thing.

Well, I really liked the way you put yourself out there in your profile and so I am putting myself out there with this message. Believe me, this is not something that I ever do. This might have been a big waste of time for me to write this, but after reading your words and feeling an identification, I think it's worth the risk.

- David

sailin2006 46M

10/28/2006 3:29 pm

A poem of the erotic kind...

Your sweet lips
spread so wide
Showing their pinkness
way up inside

Your nectar flows
freely from within
covers my lips my tongue
and my chin

How sweet do you taste
as I lick your smooth flesh
Your arousal excites me
to do my very best

I lick each lip
with the most tender of care
set my sights at the clit
hovering up there

I push with my fingers
on the hood that is there
covering your clit
from my amorous care

I expose your button
to the view of my eyes
I lick and I suck and
listen to your cries

You wiggle and squirm
holding my head close
not once am I ever
dislodged from my post

Your thick juices flow
from the well where I drink
an orgasm is teetering
there on the brink

Prolonging the pleasure
of your orgasmic release
my tongue continues
to play in your wet, wet crease

Your pussy is swollen
and ready to pour
but yet my tongue continues
to lick and explore

Your flower is wide open
the gates are all set
to release all your passion
and leave you all spent

your pussy is soaked
and my tongue wears a coat
when your dam finally bursts
I am sure I will float

Your sensitive breasts
With nipples so taut
are squeezed in my fingers
when they are easily caught

Your breathing is heavy
Coming in gasps
Your orgasm is nearing
You are in my grasp

Your skin is alive
all tingly and such
Covered with goose bumps
and so hot to the touch

Waves of ecstasy pass through your body
Rippling your tummy and shaking your thighs
It is for certain
I can tell by your sighs

Raising your hips tight to my mouth
You call out my name as you violently shake
Holding my head in place
as you experience each thunderous quake

My tongue continues
its rhythm for sure
much lighter and slower
continuing the tour

A vision of your pussy
I imagine oh so well
the touch, the taste,
ah yes, the smell

I devoured your flower
in all its splendor
so happy for the favor
and your surrender

Lilly227 51F

10/28/2006 5:07 pm

Life is Good! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the posts in this blog.

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