Tales from Far Off Lands pt. 1  

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9/14/2005 4:39 pm

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Tales from Far Off Lands pt. 1

Alrighty then, is everyone ready to hear about my trip? I hope so, 'cuz I'm telling, whether ya'll want to hear it or not, lol. Now, please keep Murphy's Law in mind, and know that it did affect my vacation. While I didnt experience as much debauchery as I'd hoped, I did still have lots of fun. A hell of a lot more than I normally do around here! Anyway, here goes...

It all started when my best friend and fellow A*F*Fer [the1stboyscout] decided to fly me out for some fun. So I arrived at the Las Vegas Airport Thursday night. I didnt get in until arond 10 pm, and by the time we got my suitcase, found the truck, and got out of there, it was 1030. We then had to go eat and find somewhere to change into our "going out" clothes. So, by the time I'm all dolled up and we're ready to hit the first stop of the night, its like, midnight. Now I know this is Sin City, where the party never stops, but ya know what? The party does stop, even in Vegas. Especially on a Thursday night after the tourist season is over.

So with our carefully researched list of hot spots in hand, and a couple of drinks already in us, we went to the first club. It was a night/dance club that was supposed to be one of the hottest places in town. But when we got there, it was DEAD. Luckily, there was still a bunch of really, really hot chicas that worked there dancing on the bar, etc. We hung out for about a half hour, had a couple drinks, played a game of pool, then decided to bail.

Next stop...Little Darlings full nude strip club! Yee Haw!!! By now its almost 2 am, so the place isnt exactly hoppin', but it was still really cool. Its a nice little club, and there were still plenty of smoking hot babes working the few patrons hanging around. I let my friend hog most of the action...he got 3 private lap dances (fully nude lap dances by the way) while I only got 1. He had to go back out to the truck for more cash twice, hehe. I think we ended up staying until 4 or 430 in the morning, lol.

We still had 2 or 3 places we had planned on going, but by this time, everything was closed or completely empty. So we decided instead to just walk around and take pictures. We got a ton of ourselves and most of the landmark hotels and casinos. We strolled through New York New York, having a grand ol' time even being the only people there (alcohol will do that to ya, lol). Finally, at around 6 am, we got tired and decided to call it a night. We still had a two hour drive back to his place..ugh!

Ok, that's all for right now. I'll put Friday nights happenings in another post.

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