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Handle Explained

Ok, since everyone I've ever talked to on this site eventually ends up asking me about my AdultFriendFinder handle, I thought I would post a little explanation. No, my name is not Lilith, lol. Lilith is the guiding force in my life. Yes, I am a priestess (I am NOT about to explain my religion on here, other than to say that I am Pagan; if you're not sure what all that entails and are even mildly curious, I suggest you look it up and educate yourself).

Now, what follows is a compilation of excerpts from various sources, most of them unknown to me. If I know the source, it is given. Some of the excerpts cover the same ground twice (in which case please forgive, but I left it in to keep the content intact). All quotes give information on Lilith, and provide quite a bit of insight into my own character and motivations.

IMPORTANT NOTE AND DISCLAIMER: The information given here is of a historical and religious nature. In no way, shape, or form am I trying to start a religious debate, or trying to influence anyone's religious beliefs. PLEASE DO NOT send me an email or post a message to my blog containing any kind of diatribe against me or my beliefs. I am not condemning anyone else's belief system here. I am simply posting a bit of information regarding the significance of my handle.

Whew! That said, here ya go......


“How can a little candle shine at midday?”
God thereupon said to her, “Go and diminish
thyself.” She felt humiliated and said, ”Why
should I be as one that veileth herself?”
(Song of Songs 1 : 7)

In flies the unabashedly sexual, autonomous, articulate and intelligent Lilith, her free spirit torn in half by patriarchy, separated from the passive, subjugated Eve. Eve remains after patriarchal religions took the life out of the Great Goddess and threw her, as Lilith, into the Red Sea.

Lilith the Strong, the goddess who holds the power to create life out of death, figures prominently in many mythologies of the ancient world. Lilith symbolizes the inert powers of all women over men. Her origin lies in a Babylonian (or Assyrian) myth, but references can also be found in later myths. Her name means "she of the night".

In the Talmud, the Zohar and the Bible, Lilith is described as the soul of beasts, as "every living creature that creepeth." She is the Lady of the Beasts, for she is of nature, the Great Goddess of the Earth.

By the 19th century Lilith became the archetype of the femme fatale, whom men feared and loved. She who had the power to destroy her lover or prompt him to a new awareness of Life.

Lilith is the Moon Goddess and a patroness to witches.


from Sacred Source

As patriarchy took over the vast power of the Goddess, Lilith became legend in a dark fashion, reviled as a destroyer and seducer of men. Throughout history Lilith was the one who would not submit. Passed down from Sumeria, the Hittite Empire, and Babylon to the Semitic peoples, she became the archetype of the dangerous woman who refused submission. She was vilified as Harlot, Serpent, Blood Sucker, Impure Female, Hag, Witch and Enchantress. Yet, in the beginning her epitaph was that of 'Beautiful Maiden'.

The Talmud, Zohar, and other Hebrew texts have centered upon Lilith as the mother of demons, beginning with her rejection of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Genesis holds two tales of creation; the first in Genesis 1 tells that male and female were created simultaneously out from the older view of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Male and female he created them, Genesis states in this first version of the creation story; yet later the Bible changes its mind, casting out Lilith and the feminine sacred. Lilith's crime? She pointed out that as they were created equally, she and Adam should mate so. Lilith knew the power name of Jehovah and demanded that he give her wings with which she flew away to live happily and equally among the elemental spirits.

The Talmud states she was formed in response to Adams request for a mate. Jehovah used mud and sediment to form her, rather than the pure dust he used for Adam. Of course, woman's nature is essentially moist, of earth, so these symbols can be taken in that spirit. This first woman in Hebrew tradition is held as Lilith. She demanded equality, and to co-rule. She refused submission sexually, went to the center of the Garden and spoke the 'Ineffable Name of God', protecting her and allowing her to depart Eden.


Lilith is woman essence, the Goddess who gave the gift of grain, the creatrix, the Mother-Protector, she who birthed the Moon. She is woman-strength, independence, respectful of every being's autonomy. Lilith is joy, strength, power, wisdom and female sexuality controlled by the autonomous female of matriarchy. Lilith's sexual energy is animating, hungry and natural. It is a pulsing, throbbing, primal, wordless state. With fire and heat she cuts to the essential nature of things, including the bonds of relationship between man and woman in patriarchy. She chooses separation over constraint. Her distinction is that aspect which refuses to be bound in relationship; her equality not that which means sameness or merging, but rather equal freedom to grow, change and be oneself.


Hope ya'll managed to survive that little glimpse into the vast subterranean caverns of my psyche, lol. Also hope I didnt just light a powderkeg. Oh well, guess I'll find out soon enough...

Blessed Be & Flutter Free!

siramity 56M
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8/11/2005 12:11 am

awesome and informative! this must be a product of a deep research. i salute you priestess!

Wordsmith2004 36M
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8/11/2005 8:56 pm

Dadgumitall...I KNEW about little and I could have said so from the begining and thus put up points on your..."scoreboard."

However, I held back, and you know how rare it is to find a fella with the ablity to "hold it back"

As to your reference to the beautiful bodacious Bellucci...you have a pretty pic and don't share? How could you! You....you...beast!


seriously good stuff....hisssssssstory can be HOT baby... kinda like me

Thanks for sharing...women who share what they have are hot...but not as hot as Monica Bellucci...sorry.

Seriously, good stuff. Have a good one!


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Wordsmith2004 36M
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8/11/2005 11:25 pm

errgggh what I MEANT to say... a little about Lilith.....my fingerpad and keyboard fight my fingers like a bunch a'little hooligans sometimes!


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matt1251979 37M

11/18/2009 9:19 pm

I seem to run into women that have a passion for lilith . . . I first encountered a mention of her in a book by the assyriologist Jean Bottero who wrote a book about the development of the language games revolving around philosophical reasoning in ancient Sumeria. There are so many interesting facets to the legends of ancient Sumerian religion. . . Just the ones involving the priestesses of Istar are worth a read. . . though I've always had a soft spot for baal . . .

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