Fantasy vs. Reality  

Lilithpriestess 40F
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8/3/2005 3:17 pm

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2/10/2011 8:32 pm

Fantasy vs. Reality

Ok, so I've fantasized about being the center of a gangbang a time or two (c'mon, who hasnt? lol). There's just something about the idea of four or five deliciously studly men having their way with moi that really turns me on. I've never tried to bring it from the fantasy realm into reality for a number of reasons. I mean, the logistics are actually quite complicated. Sure, I could just put a post on here or on my network and round up a few guys...if I didnt care who showed up to play. I'm pickier than that though, and finding men that I find really attractive, are interested in something like this, and are willing to be around a bunch of other strange, naked men seems like it would almost be too much hassle. And in todays world, a girl has to be really careful. With the potential for catching all sorts of nasties (ie STDs), is group play even practical? Oh, and dont even get me started on how badly using condoms dries me out (a necessary evil, but still a major pain in my ass!). Then theres the personal safety issue, which means that I would want to have already met &/or played with and be comfortable with each participant. Also, while I like a bit of "arse play", I absolutely do not allow anal penetration. I know in most men's minds, gangbang equals anal sex. So what to do about that? Aarrgghh!! See what I mean? It's probably just better off left as a fantasy...

Blessed Be & Flutter Free!

Daydreamer_Cammy 36F

8/3/2005 4:27 pm

If you get the logistics on this one figured out in a safe, fun, and easy way, let me know! LOL!

Good luck to you!


Partyboy69er 52M
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8/6/2005 8:26 am

Wow, what have I been missing!! To bad your single and I'm married. Would love to hook-up with you

rm_hoodrat08 42M

8/7/2005 5:47 am

I would love to see a group get together on a regular basis. Your right! This place is so boring and I think it would be great to get some attractive, clean, fun, people that just wanna hang out sexually with no strings........ It could happen if we try!

Gandolf093 54M/48F

9/8/2005 2:32 pm

My girlfriend has the same fantasy as do I but we are faced with basically the same dilemma. Of course I would be there as well which gives her a step up. STDs are a big concern. So is respect from the other men. I think that is a biggie for her and I as well. We maybe kinky but we are very deeply in love. If anyone, man or woman wants to get on my bad side, show her little or no respect.

Another thing that bothers her is to become involved then she cannot take all the men on. Personally I do not think that a problem for her. But it is a concern of hers.

Something we have discussed is doing 5 or 6 threesomes with men. Then invite them all to the house one evening but not telling them why. This would give us the chance first to find men that is respectful and attractive. Once they are there, having a few beers. Me and the guys that is not her.

Maybe a hour or two later (and several beers) she steps into the living room in a white sheer thong and high heels. We feel it might progress to a nice little gangbang.

There is a group in Birmingham, AL we have considered contacting. One of the men and a woman will meet you to ensure you are real. Then they have an album of all the men available. She picks out how many and who. Time and place is established. During the event the other woman is there as well. My girlfriend says she thinks that would make her feel better and if she could not handle all the men, this other woman could help out.

Comments, suggestions?

pandjwant2play 43M/43F
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1/30/2011 9:01 am

Okay, so some thoughts from us. Julie really wants to do this and I wanna help her so we have worked out a good scenario. We would like more than one wife there. So the quota being 3 guys + hubby to every woman.

The other Idea our friends did was the girls went to a swingers club with a Sharpi marker and went around marking guys hands they liked. Well the hubbies/significant others watched the door and only let the guys in with marks on their hands (they didn't know what the mark meant till they asked to come in the room.

I think we may try both and see how it goes.

pandjwant2play 43M/43F
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2/1/2011 7:55 am

I think the Sharpie/swinger club scenario is going to be it for now. We did have one set up before. Another couple was bringing 3 single guys and we had one, but we got sick So we are thinking a Sesso trip for that purpose one time. J did just find a profile of three dudes in the Portland area. Our other idea is to pick someone up in a hotel (P is hoping for another girl) and play. We travel for work a lot so who knows.

pandjwant2play 43M/43F
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2/5/2011 9:51 am

We will totally tell you when something is going on. We like you two a lot so far. To bad we are separated. We are wanting to play in Germany this May. Wanna Cum?

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