Girls and boys, is today your day?  

LiebeSpiele 39M
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4/26/2006 9:59 pm
Girls and boys, is today your day?

Is today your day? What makes your day?
I've been thinking about that lately.
A night of great love making makes my day, that's the day to come. I found that it is not just love making that does it, it's great love making, love making that leaves a smile on both our faces for at least the next hour or so, love making that has us embracing each other for a long time, just wanting to feel each others bodies, love making where we both feel the orgasm still, even after the act has passed for some minutes already.
Such love making is not an everyday thing, so during the week I normally prefer to sleep well. Once every two weeks or so such a such a high makes my day, and the day of my partner (so I hope). That's a day I'm looking forward to, and it even makes for many more days, because I can remember it afterwards and look forward to it beforehand.
What makes your day?

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