So I was tagged.. ACK!  

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4/2/2006 11:43 am

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So I was tagged.. ACK!

I was recently tagged by colombiano13148 and need to identify 6 weird/ different things about myself and then tag 6 others to do the same.

1.) I totally enjoy & will watch all of those teen aged cheesy movies, such as She's All That, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, A Cinderella Story, Mean Girls, The Girl Next Door, The Princess Diaries and the list goes on and on.

2.) I am a TOTAL caffeine junkie! My passion is diet Mountain Dew and the new MDX. I probably drink about 4 Diet Dew's a day at least!

3.) I'm a total romantic at heart and love all the little things in a relationship. (One of my boyfriends used to leave me messages written on the shower wall in my son's bathtub crayons.. I LOVED it!)

4.) I'm a perfectionist, neat freak! It's nearly killing me right now that I can't clean as I normally would (I'm recovering from arm surgery & my left arm, I'm a leftie, is in a cast). Things are disorganized & to me horribly filthy, though other's think it just looks "lived in".

5.) I thrive in stressful, chaotic, urgent, problem solving situations, which I guess is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job!!

6.) I totally believe in love at first sight, I think that when the absolute "right" one comes along you just get this feeling the moment your eyes lock and you just KNOW that this is the person you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with. I've not yet felt that but I can not wait to, I just hope it's all reciprocated... LoL!

That's it about me. Here's who I'm tagging and I hope I'm not getting someone who's been tagged before.
1) sexymamma662003

2) flagg134

3) onlyfive

4) SultryVirgo

5) sexyeyes102005

6) Ginnung

Happy Tagging everyone, now give me 6 things about you and go out & tag 6 new people for us to learn about.

LickablySweet1 38F

4/2/2006 10:20 pm

well by rambling's I mean my thoughts, my feelings, basically anything running through my head at the given point in time. Lots of things running through this head of mine.

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